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15 Million Feet of Ethernet Cable

15 Million Feet of Ethernet Cable
15 Million Feet of Ethernet Cable

USA - TMB’s ProPlex Cat5e portable cable reached a significant milestone last month when total sales of the flagship product in the ProPlex data cable range, since its introduction at the turn of the century, reached 15 million feet. Enough cable to stretch from Los Angeles to New York and beyond!

TMB’s ProPlex data cables had their birth 30 years ago when TMB introduced the world’s first DMX cable specifically designed for the entertainment staging and production markets. Road-worthy, dependable, and data verified, ProPlex DMX portable cable continues to be trusted by lighting professionals worldwide.

Fifteen years later, TMB introduced ProPlex Cat5e, the world’s very first durable Ethernet cable developed specifically for portable use. The cable has the ideal combination of Ethernet performance, noise rejection, low skew, durability, resistance to harsh conditions, and optimum handling characteristics.

“We’ve used ProPlex Ethernet cables for many years, on countless gigs,” says Tony Thompson, project manager for Upstaging. “They’ve held up under rigorous use where other cables have failed us, because of inadequate noise resistance, poor data transmission, or flat-out breakage. They have maintained their excellent transmission properties even after many years of stresses, sometimes extreme, plus endless uncoiling, usage, coiling, and transport. We would not consider using anything else for our critical show data.”

TMB sales manager, Stephanie Kilburg asserts: “ProPlex Ethernet portable cables are available in CAT5e, and now CAT6a versions, in single and various snake formats. They are recommended by leading sound console manufacturers, including Digico and Yamaha, and they are the Ethernet cables of choice for the majority of leading industry rental companies. To name just a few, Lighting: 4Wall, Bandit, Lite Alt, LMG, Neg Earth, NMR, Premier Global, Solotech, Upstaging, VER, White Light, WorldStage. Scenic: All Access, Hudson, Scenic Technologies, Tait. Sound: LMG, Masque, NMR, Solotech, Sound Associates, VER. Video: LMG, NEP Screenworks, NMR, Pete’s Big TV, PRG Nocturne XL, Solotech, VER, WorldStage.”

“All cables are not the same,” adds Kilburg. “Beware of ‘me too’ products. ProPlex is the standard to which all others should be compared.”

9th June 2017

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