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Blackout support Pink Floyd’s Their Mortal Remains Exhibition

Blackout support Pink Floyd’s Their Mortal Remains Exhibition

UK – Pink Floyd constantly pushed boundaries and they have again this summer, with Blackout helping organisers of the stunning Their Mortal Remains exhibition take rock & roll into the V&A and the high art exhibition world.

Blackout’s project director Kevin Monks began planning the ambitious project in January with Larmac Live and show designers Stufish to deliver the exhibition, presented by the V&A, Pink Floyd and Iconic Entertainment Studios. The show opened to the public in May and will run until October 2017.

Blackout provided truss, rigging and drapes throughout the multiple zones that takes visitors on a spectacular audio visual chronological retrospective through the recorded works of one of the world’s most iconic bands, featuring a fascinating collection of artefacts.

Tickets holders enter the exhibition through the psychedelic early years in the mid-sixties in Gallery 39, a zone where Blackout installed a Prolyte H30v grid throughout, along with black casement ceilings. They provided the infrastructure to suspend various Pink Floyd artefacts including Sid Barrett’s bike and mirror ball windmill, along with bespoke lighting.

Another stand-out zone was the North Court, where Blackout provided ceilings throughout and rigging for video screens plus a Prolyte H40v flown grid that suspended the inflatables, lighting and part of the set for the recreation of the famous Battersea power station images, complete with flying inflatable pig, characters from The Wall and the model plane used for live performances. Elsewhere the famous giant heads that featured on the cover of the 1994’s Division Bell album were positioned by Blackout.

In the area dedicated to1987 album A Momentary Lapse of Reason where a bed is hung from the ceiling and others fixed to the walls, Blackout flew a truss circle and even called on the in-house sewing department to provide the set dressing to finish the beds adjacent to the penultimate gallery, which contained a ground support Prolyte H30v truss box.

Kevin Monks said: “This was a challenging project, and it’s been great working in this tightly-knit team bringing rock and roll artefacts and technology into the necessarily sterile art museum environment. It’s has been a learning curve for us all but there has been a real willingness from everyone to adapt and create a show that is justifiably getting fabulous feedback and reviews.”

The climax of the visitor experience is a stunning immersive performance area. Blackout designed and installed a gabled shaped bespoke ground support Prolyte H40v truss structure with integral lighting grid along with screens made from truss and a perforated grey FP screen.

14th June 2017

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