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ETC continues to grow

ETC continues to grow

USA – ETC recently broke ground on the latest expansion to its headquarters building in southern Wisconsin. In 2004 ETC moved into its current headquarters building which, at the time, was nearly 250,000 sq ft. In 2007 the company ran out of room and added an additional 78,000 sq ft of manufacturing space. By 2013 ETC had once again outgrown its building. The company purchased a 355,000 sq ft building 16 miles west of the headquarters building in southern Wisconsin to provide additional manufacturing capacity.

Now, looking to expand again, ETC is adding a multi-storey, 75,000 sq ft addition. While the last two building expansions increased manufacturing space, this addition brings offices, lounge space, and meeting rooms primarily for research and development. The company currently employs just over 1,000 staff in ten offices around the globe. This expansion will allow the addition of another 250 employees across many departments as the company continues to grow in the future.

The inside of the addition will include conventional work spaces as well as office and meeting spaces uniquely crafted from salvaged shipping containers stacked on multiple levels. “We’ve been playing around with shipping container office designs for a few years and it’s great that we’ll have a way to use them on such a large scale,” says Fred Foster, ETC CEO. “This unique recycled design gives our employees not only the individual room they need to work, but also a creative space that encourages collaboration and open communication through a wider range of departments.”

The new addition is scheduled to be fully operational by spring of 2018.

15th June 2017

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