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LED Creative Pulse Wands help create the look for The Late Late Show London run

LED Creative Pulse Wands help create the look for The Late Late Show London run

UK – Illumination specialist LED Creative supported set designer Rudi Thackray and lighting director Gurdip Mahal, in helping set the scene for James Corden and The Late Late Show’s recent visit to London.

Filmed in front of a live studio audience, The Late Late Show transferred it’s regular format of star guests, sketches and musical performance from its US home for a run of shows at Central Hall Westminster. Maintaining the general feel of the US show, Rudi Thackray’s fabulously vibrant set, shrouded in fluorescent pinks and blues, was a perfect backdrop to the show, contrasting perfectly against the grandiose surroundings of the venue.

One of the key features in the design was the inclusion of over 40 LED Creative Sigma Pulse Wands, cleverly placed throughout the set to provide ultra convenient, colour shape and movement. Quick to install and easy to control, Pulse Wands are Part of the LED Creative Sigma range offering precise, individual pixel accuracy controlled either directly from a lighting console or pixel mapping via a media server. Available as pre-packaged comprehensive rental kits, the system proved the ideal solution to complement the neon-like effervescence of the Westminster Hall installation.

Speaking about the production, LED Creative director Adam Howard commented: “We were delighted to be able to be part of such a high profile production. Rudi created an incredible setting for the show which was beautifully lit by Gurdip Mahal and his crew. The team certainly succeeded in transforming the venue and delivering a stunning look to the entire show.”

20th June 2017

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