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New MILOS Steel Truss – Support for the heaviest loads

MILOS has recently introduced a new series of Steel Truss for the most demanding projects and extreme loads. Constructed from special ultra-high strength steel alloys, MILOS steel truss is up to 2.7 times stronger than aluminium truss with similar dimensions at just double the weight. It features double fork couplers, zinc coated pins and durable black paint finish.

Key benefits:

  • Use of bespoke ultra-high strength steels
  • Orientation-free connector arrangement for ease of use
  • Greatly increases load capacity in comparison to similar size aluminium truss sections.
  • Optimised weight to strength ratio
  • Pinned connectors for increased strength
  • Integrated forklift pick up points
  • Extremely durable, matt black, impact-resistant industrial paint finish
  • Optimised webbing pattern for ease of use when assembling cross trusses
  • End braces with 16mm holes for lateral connection

12th June 2017

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