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Outdoor Rated Chauvet Professional Épix Strip IP Features Quick Programming Mode

Outdoor Rated Chauvet Professional Épix Strip IP Features Quick Programming Mode

The new Épix Strip IP from Chauvet Professional makes pixel mapping a snap indoors or out. In addition to standing up to inclement weather thanks to its IP65 rating, the new one meter LED strip features a quick programming mode that greatly reduces the amount of time needed to set up pixel mapping programs by allowing access to several pre-built effects while using just a few DMX Channels.

Using the Épix Drive 2000 IP, which is required with this product, designers can control the Épix Strip IP via Art-Net, Kling-Net, or sACN to configure and program shows in a matter of minutes rather than hours. “We made it easier to create stunning pixel mapped looks in less time,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “This is an ideal product for one-offs, events and festivals, as well as the touring and rental markets.”

With 100 RGB SMD 5050 LEDs lined up in a row, the Épix Strip IP produces a stunningly bright output and extremely high resolution graphics. Adding to its versatility are its three different lens covers (stealth black, round milky and square milky, which can be used to create a wide range of diffused and high contrast looks. For example, the stealth black creates a flatter image, while the round milky and square milky filters increase the viewing angle and result in a more diffused output. The stealth black cover also allows the linear strip to blend with scenery or 'hide' when used in a dark environment.

“We designed Épix Strip IP to be a very flexible tool,” said Chauvet. “Every designer has a unique approach, so we worked hard to make this product as versatile as possible from the way it can be controlled to the different looks and viewing angles you can get with lens covers.”

In keeping with this flexibility, the Épix Strip IP offers a variety of programming options. As an alternative to the quick programming mode, designers can opt to control each pixel individually, or they can divide the fixture into 5, 10, 20, or 50 pixel sections. They can also use a media server to control every pixel or section.

Ruggedly built, the Épix Strip IP is ideal for touring. Not only are the strips themselves IP65 rated, the 4-pin XLR connectors that link them to the Épix Drive 2000 IP are too. These connectors are also fast and easy to work with, further simplifying life for end users. The Épix Drive 2000 IP is also IP65 rated, so it can be used directly on outdoor rigs without concern about the elements.

“We talked to a lot of designers to learn what was important to them in their real life applications,” said Chauvet. “In the end, this led us to develop a product that not only creates great looks, but is easy to work with as well.”

2nd June 2017

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