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Ovation B-1965FC Offers Advantage of Lime Colour Mixing

Ovation B-1965FC Offers Advantage of Lime Colour Mixing
Ovation B-1965FC Offers Advantage of Lime Colour Mixing

USA – Chauvet Professional continues to usher in a new era of color mixing opportunities in wash lighting with the introduction of the Ovation B-1965FC. Like its predecessors, the Ovation B-2805FC and B-565FC, the new 1.2 metre batten utilises a RGBA-Lime color mixing system, allowing designers to create a richer and broader range of colours as well as brighter whites.

“The Ovation B-1965FC gives us a complete range of batten washes with RGBA-Lime colour mixing,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “Designers immediately appreciated the brighter output and more realistic colour washes they could achieve with our Ovation B-2805FC and B-565FC and they can expect the same from our latest batten. Lime fits into the optimal wavelength for the human eye, which is critical to the performance of these fixtures.”

Powered by 196 RGBL LEDs, the Ovation B-1965FC has an illuminance of up to 5,000 lux at five metres, making it one of the brightest battens on the market. In addition to its brightness and long throw distance, the fixture is extremely versatile with multiple control personalities for complex programming schemes, up to seven sections of control and 16-bit dimming of the master dimmer and individual colours. The user-friendly batten offers RDM, Art-Net and sACN as well as standard 3-pin and 5-pin DMX control options.

Other standard features include a virtual colour wheel that matches popular gel colours, temperature presets for easier programming, and a linear holographic diffuser that locks into place for wall and cyc grazing. The fixture’s adjustable pulse width modulation and silent operation make it well-suited for lighting designs that will be videoed, as well as for use in theatres and houses of worship.

“We expect the Ovation B-1965FC to be embraced in a wide range of applications,” said Chauvet. “Aside from its extraordinary colour mixing, this fixture has a range of performance features that make it ideally suited for many different projects.”

26th June 2017

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