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Successful conclusion to Stage|Set|Scenery 2017

Successful conclusion to Stage|Set|Scenery 2017

GermanyThey are the “real stars” behind the scenes, as they are the ones who ensure a production’s success: the companies representing architecture and stage planning, sound and lighting, make-up and furnishings, as well as film, exhibition and museum technology. At Stage|Set|Scenery the spotlight was on them. The international trade show and conference for theatre, film and event technology took place from 20th to 22nd June in Berlin and was co-organised by Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft (DTHG) and Messe Berlin. 274 companies from 21 nations, including 80 first-time exhibitors, showcased their innovations and visitors demonstrated great interest. Some 6,000 trade visitors came to Stage|Set|Scenery to find out about the latest products and services and discuss business. Their interest focused mainly on stage and event technology, sound and lighting systems, furnishings and stage effects.

Exhibitors were satisfied with the event too and gave marginally better marks compared to the first edition in 2015. Most had a positive overall impression of the trade show and conference, would recommend the show to others and are planning to return, and they had concluded “a number” or “significant number“ of business deals at the show.

Dr. Christian Göke, CEO of Messe Berlin GmbH said: “Once again, Stage|Set|Scenery demonstrated that theatre and event technology has firmly established itself in Berlin. Whether at the International Stage Technology Conference, in the LightLab, the SoundLab or on the Safety in Action stage – we are delighted that the wide-ranging programme of events, the outstanding speakers and interactive live performances met with such keen interest from exhibitors and trade visitors alike.”

Hubert Eckart, managing director of Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft (DTHG) said: "I am pleased that Stage|Set|Scenery with its special combination of a trade show and international conference, innovation and communication, art and technology received such a positive response."

Dr Gabriele Högg, member of the board of DTHG and managing director of HOAC Schweißtechnik GmbH said: “There are a lot of skilled trades involved in ensuring a successful production, and that is why, here at Stage|Set|Scenery, we have such a wide range of topics. We would like to promote interdisciplinary cooperation in these different areas.

Manfred 'Ollie' Olma, managing director of mo2design and curator of the LightLab: “I greatly enjoy working with all kinds of people and to exchange views on a topic we are all passionate about. I am only to happy to pass on my experience gained from numerous national and international productions. The many live performances at Stage|Set|Scenery were also impressive.”

Professor. Stephan Rolfes, Faculty VIII - Mechanical Engineering, Event Technology, Process Engineering, Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin added: "For me, the focus of Stage|Set|Scenery 2017 was on highly specialised, in-depth talks. The very high quality rather than the quantity of exhibitors was palpable. This year, the Round Table format was a noteworthy success. Rather than head-on lectures it involved the audience in open-plan rooms. The concept was a success and should be expanded."

Andrea Werning, managing director, WERNING Theatertechnik-Theaterbedarf GmbH commented: "As far as we are concerned this is the leading event for stage and event technology and lighting. The quality of visitors is very high."

Patricia Kunkel, commercial head, Kunkel Consulting stated: “For us, this is a very big show with many customers from abroad. We had visitors from Korea and China on our stand, and many also came from Russia. This is where we can have face-to-face meetings with customers, sit down with others and talk about things at the table. It makes it all a lot easier.”

Said Michael Kelm, branch manager, Nüssli (Deutschland) GmbH: “We were pleasantly surprised by the innovative nature of Stage|Set|Scenery. The LightLab, which we sponsored, the SoundLab and the Round Tables offered a lot of information useful to us and where we were able to find out more from insiders. This year our main topic was temporary venues – replacement theatres, which is currently of particular concern to the theatre industry.”

Nele Bornstedt, construction, media and communícation technology division, MÜLLER-BBM GmbH: “The SoundLab is a place for enjoying a live audio experience. That is something very special. Trade fairs are very noisy, but inside it is quiet and one can listen to one’s own products such as our electronic sound acoustic system. That worked very well. The room was packed. We are extremely satisfied.”

Wolfgang Guse, sales director, Pro | AV, Sennheiser Vertrieb und Service GmbH & Co. KG said: “We had a live performance of the opera singer Helena Goldt in the SoundLab, which showcased our digital 6000 System with different capsules. The reactions were very positive. We also had meetings with customers, particularly from the theatre. That is important for us in order to find out what the market needs.”

Sabine Siller, Marketing, cast C.Adolph & RST Distribution GmbH commented: “We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of visitors. We much appreciate this event, as we are able to target the theatre technology market and have the time to hold positive talks which will greatly benefit our work over the next two years. Our main topic was undoubtedly lighting. We noted the increasingly wide use of LEDs in theatres.”

Thomas Mikus, director of sales and marketing, Audio-Technica Germany added: “We had a lot of quality visitors on our stand who do not attend normal ‘run-of-the-mill’ events. It meant we had exactly the customers we wanted. As far as topics are concerned, ultimately the focus is becoming more and more on digitising audio signals.”

Marco Kraft, head of Sales, SALZBRENNER media GmbH: “For us, this is where we find the two parties we need for business: our customers and suppliers. We combine their products together with control software into systems – which we then provide to customers at the various venues where they work.”

Reinhold Daberto, managing director, theapro, and moderator at the International Stage Technology Conference: “Undoubtedly, the highlights included the panel discussions on ‘Theatre 4.0’ and the international discussion round entitled ’It’s all about the process – who manages cultural projects?’, which was about theatre venues and refurbishment.”

Martin Blum, sales director, LAWO AG said: “We saw a lot of interesting things which are being done in other areas. IP has resulted in everything converging, so that broadcasting, production and the theatre are all coming much closer together.”

Andreas Gause, head of marketing and key account management, Gerriets GmbH: “Stage|Set|Scenery is a very important trade show for us because we meet our core market and customers here. Our focus this year was on projection and fire safety, i.e. on discussing the use of fire-retardant materials for decoration.”

Stephan Hückinghaus, managing director, Fülling + Partner Ingenieursgesellschaft mbH: “Our display combines a number of things: we want to showcase technology as well as the people who install the systems on building sites and communicate with customers directly. Those are the ones we meet here, not visitors who just look, but experts with real questions.”

Volker Kirsch, head of Sales, Bühnentechnik Bosch Rexroth AG stated: “This is an established event which in our view is ideal for displaying stage technology, stage construction and installations, our main topics. We are gathered in the same place as the association that represents us and where our competitors are, of course. We want to see what they are doing and show our own products. That is why Stage|Set|Scenery provides the right format for us.”

Marcus Blome, sound engineer, Müller-BBM GmbH added: “I believe this show demonstrated that there is a growing demand among theatres for variable room acoustics and flexible solutions. Ultimately, the reactions to our SoundLab presentations showed that this is definitely a topical issue, along with 3D sound and everything in that direction.”

Georg Winkel, chief executive officer, SWOOFLE Manufaktur said: “We are from Berlin and provide rented furniture to customers throughout Europe, which is why Stage|Set|Scenery is the main event for us on our doorstep. It gives us great pleasure to invite our customers to see us here. Over the last three days we had very interesting talks with international visitors and were able to pave the way for new business.”

Enrico Nobile, sales manager, European Rigging, ETC stated: “The show went very well for us and provided an ideal setting for presenting stage technology. Exhibitors from all parts of the market are gathered in one place here, which we greatly appreciate.”

Joe Ward, Global Sales, Rat Stands added: “It is definitely one of the best shows for our sector that I have visited, in terms of visitor quality too. Our customers are technical directors of opera houses as well as philharmonic and symphonic orchestras, whom we were able to meet here. Fantastic.”

Ted Moore, director, TAIT Stage Technologies concluded: “My personal highlight was the Stage|Set|Scenery Night, which was an outstanding networking event. That is worth doing again.”

The next Stage|Set|Scenery will take place from 18th to 20th June 2019.

26th June 2017

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