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TC Electronic announces Reverb TwentyFour

TC Electronic announces Reverb TwentyFour

As both the entertainment and media industries are preparing for a future of high-resolution and immersive technologies, there is a growing need for producers to deliver quality content in extreme channel formats such as Dolby Atmos, Barco Auro and NHK Multi-Channel.

With the Reverb TwentyFour, TC Electronic is taking a quantum leap into that future.

The latest and greatest in reverb effects for ultra-channel productions, Reverb TwentyFour is a 19” high definition rack unit capable of processing 24 channels of reverb while retaining the quality and low degree of inter-channel correlation, that made the Reverb 8 algorithm of TC Electronic’s triple TEC awarded System 6000 a household name among top engineers within cinema, music and broadcast.

“We wanted to build an ambitious reverb unit, that points to the future, while keeping the pragmatic present in mind,” says Thomas Valter, director of product management at TC Electronic.

“Naturally, controlling twenty-four channels of reverb is a far more complex task than simple stereo or 5.1 mixing. But we’ve gone to great lengths to guarantee full, yet simple control over all the channels as well as hundreds of parameters, in an interface that won’t disrupt the established workflow of audio professionals.”

Reverb TwentyFour is equipped with MADI connections, and with the flexible and seamless audio routing, the user can send any 24 of the 64 MADI channels to and from the three powerful reverb engines.

With most other reverbs, it takes no more than switching from stereo to mono to greatly offset the mix balance, and as the amount of processed channels increase, things can really fall apart.

To prevent this from being an issue, TC Electronic has made sure that the reverb properties let the user render down from high channel formats with grace, and without ever introducing phasing artefacts or altering the balance of the mix.

In addition, the innovative Power Correction feature will save audio engineers hours of re-trimming by safeguarding the crucial balance between the direct sound and the reverb while mix changes are being done.

This gives producers and engineers the freedom to experiment with radical decay time settings and do last minute changes while leaving the overall levels of the mix consistent.

Due to the uncorrelated nature of the reverb channels, Reverb TwentyFour is equally suited for acoustic improvement within multipurpose venues, stores and restaurants.

12th June 2017

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