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Universal motor controllers for D8 and D8 Plus hoists

Universal motor controllers for D8 and D8 Plus hoists

Movecat's Motion Power and Motion Remote controllers – in both their DC (direct control 400V AC) and their RC (remote control/low voltage 24V DC) versions – have for years constituted the industry standard for the control of asynchronous BGV D8 and igvw SQ P2 D8 plus 400V AC rotary current drives, in particular those of electric chain hoists, such as those in the Movecat Eco, Plus, Compact, Ecolite, Pluslite or Plus-C series and comparable products.

Their robust metal housings contain all the contactor switches, safety circuits, under-voltage-, phase- and rotary-field-supervision circuitry and main control switches required for operation, as well as, for each channel, an individually adjustable motor-protection circuit breaker (except PD series).

The E-Controller series forms the foundation for Movecat's M-Link system (except the L and PD series) by means of which up to eight MPC controllers forming an integrated network can be centrally controlled and supervised. The integrated safety elements are arranged sequentially to form a ‘safety chain’, so that any operating failure, such as the tripping of a motor protection circuit breaker, brings all drives in the M-Link network to an immediate standstill. Furthermore, the runs of all linked MPC controllers can be activated centrally even if a variety of MRC units are being used. Operating statuses are indicated by means of signal elements.

The controllers comply with the EN 60204-32 and EN 13849-1 standards as well as VDE 0113 and are suitable for the control of lifting gear in accordance with the guidelines set out in BGV D8 and igvw SQ P2 D8 Plus, with which they comply in every respect.

Typical fields of application include rigging applications in the touring sector and assisting with setting-up and dismantling in the course of professional event and trade fair applications.

9th June 2017

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