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Helping you build great things – more than just a slogan

Helping you build great things – more than just a slogan
Helping you build great things – more than just a slogan

UK – “Helping you build great things” means more to Prolyte Group than just mere words or a marketing slogan. When Prolyte received a request for help from a theatre in Scotland with some doubts as to how to build their new truss structure in a safe way, they jumped to the task. Prolyte organised a one-day on site training to make sure the technical staff of the company can use their truss safely and efficiently whatever the project.

“Hi there, this is Adam from Scottish Dance Theatre. We have just bought a batch of H30V truss. After using it a couple of times, we now want to use it to build a tower system. I wonder if I could ask some questions…”

This was part of the request that Prolyte received through it’s website in late June this year. The Prolyte team knew this request could not go unanswered and decided to offer the assistance Adam was asking for. Together with distributing partner A.C. Entertainment Technologies, they set out to make an appointment for a full training day as part of their Prolyte Campus initiative.

On 11th July, Eric Laanstra, product manager for Prolyte Structures and Paul Hadfield, distributor manager for Prolyte, met the guys and girls from Scottish Dance Theatre to assist them with a day of training.

As Eric Laanstra commented: “We basically just took the team through the whole process of building their own grid. After a morning session to understand more of the technical principles of truss, we followed with a hands-on session, which was very useful to explain the principles of building and loading their structure in a safe way. It made the team more confident and now also more competent.”

Adam McCall, company technician of Scottish Dance Theatre adds: “Using 66 metres of truss to make a tower system was quite daunting, none of us had ever worked with making a structure so large without the aid and ease of utilising hoists, so we reached out for advice to find out the best way to work with it.

“It was quite a surprise that instead of a reply by mail, we got a full training day at our own base, centred around our own gear and set up! We very much appreciate the support, we’re grateful that Prolyte came out here to deliver on site training. This kind of support is invaluable. It’s a great opportunity to gain the theoretical and hands on skills to be able to confidently build the structure in a proper and safe way. To other technicians I would like to say, 'whenever you are in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask'.”

Matthew Millward, rigging sales manager at A.C. Entertainment Technologies states: “As a Prolyte distributor we’re always keen to make sure our customers can use the products we supply in the best and safest way possible and we’re keen to support industry leading training initiatives like Prolyte Campus. It’s always good to assist customers with direct support from the manufacturer in this way, just one of the reasons Prolyte is a market leader.”

Paul Hadfield concludes: “After many years of the Prolyte Campus programme successfully running in the UK and around the world, we understand that by offering our knowledge to our customers, this increases their overall confidence in our product range and in turn helps to promote safety within our industry. It was very satisfying for us to see the confidence and understanding grow within the crew during the day and we hope that Adam and his team can now enjoy working with their investment for many years to come.’’

Helping you build great things – more than just a sloganHelping you build great things – more than just a slogan

21st July 2017

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