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New Flare Q+ on Linkin Park Tour

New Flare Q+ on Linkin Park Tour
New Flare Q+ on Linkin Park Tour

Europe – You can take the band out of Southern California but you can’t take So Cal out of the band. Completing the European leg of their world tour in Birmingham last week, Linkin Park’s One More Light is a departure from the group’s earlier work. Smooth, subtle, and sometimes moody, the band’s evolving sound is beautifully complemented by the tour’s lighting designer, Celine Royer. Key to her design are 74 of the new Solaris Flare Q+ fixtures.

“We wanted to tell a story with the lighting, reflecting the emotional journey that happens throughout the night,” says Celine. “A geometric look, with Flares everywhere, is a nod to the band’s metal roots, while subtle hues are programmed to catch nuances in the band’s newer material. We have the Flares on upstage, midstage, and downstage moving trusses, as well as sidefills and uplights. I’ve used Flares before and knew what to expect, but the new Flare Q+ is brighter by far – I’ll often run them at partial power depending on the segment. The extra output ‘headroom’ is great for dynamic and impressive crescendos. We use the Flares as washes, strobes, and blinders. I love using them with pixel-mapping, helping bring the motion alive. Everything is time-coded and controlled by a grandMA2.”

Celine is a 14-year veteran of lighting design and programming. She has worked closely with renowned French lighting designer Dimitri Vassiliu and has numerous touring, film, and TV credits worldwide. Production director for Linkin Park is Jim Digby, who is also executive director of Event Safety Alliance (ESA). According to Digby: “The Linkin Park crew is the first to have taken and completed the industry’s basic safety training (ESAT offered by Event Safety Alliance. This training is the future of our industry’s shift toward a safer culture.”

Lighting gear for the European leg of the tour was provided by Nitelites of the UK. Shaun Moore of Nitelites explains: “As LX crew chief for this run, I can say the Flares are rock solid and extremely versatile – the perfect touring fixture. The colours and effects are amazing. This is our first tour with Linkin Park and we sub-hired the Flares from the HSL Group in Blackburn.” The tour will continue in North America at the end of this month through October.

New Flare Q+ on Linkin Park Tour New Flare Q+ on Linkin Park Tour

14th July 2017

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