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Point Source Audio Unveils its Redesigned Website

Point Source Audio Unveils its Redesigned Website

USA – Point Source Audio has launched a redesign of its website, which showcases its microphone and headset inventions to service the pro audio and broadcast industries. The website now features an upgraded design that includes aesthetic improvements, as well as enhanced navigation to help visitors easily access product information and quickly understand the best solutions for their needs.

Yvonne Ho, VP of sales and marketing for Point Source Audio explained the timing for the upgraded website: “Just this year, we unveiled two new products at the NAB Show and already collected a TOP 5 product award and a Best of Show award, we needed a website that could keep pace to showcase our product offerings!” Adding to the company’s expansion into the pro audio and broadcast sectors is its recent partnership with audio networking brand AuviTran to distribute its DANTE enabled audio networking toolboxes in the Americas.

The refreshed incorporates navigation that gives visitors immediate visibility to all the company’s products at a glance. End-users and resellers can gain insight about each product, its intended applications and considerations in choosing the best microphone for the job. The dealer portal has enhanced content for resellers to download a variety of sales and marketing collateral, and support resources that reinforce Point Source Audio’s commitment to service excellence. Other enhancements include more robust content presented in sections for products, markets and customer use cases.

The website offers tools such as the microphone feature finder that can be used to discover and identify by product, important features such as waterproofing against water, sweat and make-up for theatrical applications, or highly discreet camouflaging for live broadcasting. Each of the product pages reveal features, specifications, what’s included, and use examples to help guide visitors through the right category of headset, earmount, earset or lavalier microphones.

Newly expanded is the markets section of the website highlighting five of the most popular applications: theatre, house of worship, broadcast, instrument miking, and public speaking. The company’s body-worn microphone offering is comprehensive, so to help those newer to wireless microphones each section offers important considerations in choosing the best microphone for that application.

In an entertaining section of featured customers, visitors can explore some of the many customers using Point Source Audio products. Pictures and videos are included with commentary from distinguished venues such as the San Francisco Opera, Alley Theatre, Berklee College of Music, and many more.

“We believe the redesign will reinforce Point Source Audio’s dedication to its brand image, customer support, and commitment to product excellence. We look forward to feedback from our website visitors and the redesigned site allows us to quickly improve their experience in response,” says Ho. Enhancements are expected to continue and visitors should look for more product tutorials, application notes, and tech tips in the coming weeks. 

12th July 2017

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