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Chauvet Professional Rejuvenates Berlin’s “Stars in Concert” Series

Chauvet Professional Rejuvenates Berlin’s “Stars in Concert” Series

Germany – Since 1997, Berlin's "Stars in Concert" at the Estrel Hotel and Convention Centre has brought a wide range of musical theatre acts to over four million spectators, making it one of the most successful live shows in Germany’s history. To provide a permanent wash lighting solution to the long-running “Stars in Concert” series, which features shows such as the Beatles’ “All you need is Love” and “Elvis Das Musical,” the Estrel Festival Centre recently added 18 Rogue R2 Wash and ten COLORado 1 Quad Zoom fixtures from Chauvet Professional, supplied by Fischer.

Both the Rogue and COLORado fixtures were positioned on trussing above and to the sides of the stage to add a full spectrum of wash lighting to complement the existing rig. While the Rogue fixtures provide powerful and dynamic wash lighting across the vast 15 metre wide elevated stage area, the COLORado fixtures provide subtle visual accentuation to paint the gaps with warm and concentrated brushes of light.

“The saturated wash colours of the Rogue R2 wash fixtures provide the perfect accompaniment to the Estrel stage,” commented Fischer’s Sascha Pernau. With 19 x15W pixel mappable RGBW quad-LEDs, the Rogues succeed in creating a blanket of saturated and evenly distributed colour on stage to award the various acts with a glamorous and theatrical backdrop upon which to perform.

Sporting a 12° to 49° zoom feature, the Rogue fixtures present the lighting technicians at the Estrel Centre with the option of awarding the stage with additional depth. “The zoom feature provides a further visual addition to the stage,” continued Pernau. “In combining the zoom with the strong RGBW colour palette of the fixtures, the Estrel now has the tools to present the various acts in numerous creative ways.”

While perhaps not at the forefront of the lighting rig, the COLORado fixtures nevertheless play an incredibly important supporting role within the Estrel’s overall lighting rig. “The COLORado fixtures are an essential part of the Estrel rig,” said Pernau. “They highlight otherwise dark areas on the stage, and provide excellent wash effects.”

Aside from powerful RGBW wash and an impressive 16° to 48° zoom range, the COLORado fixtures also have another major advantage: size. The ultra small and slim fixtures are so compact as to fit in the smallest of gaps and go largely unnoticed, providing the Estrel with an incredibly practical fixture. “Given the limited amount of trussing space available, the COLORados presented the perfect size-performance ratio,” commented Pernau.

Ultimately, both the Rogue and COLORado fixtures are sure to provide the Estrel Centre with many years of stress-free performance, thanks to their reliable LED power sources, offering both reliability and low maintenance.

“The combination of Rogue and COLORado fixtures really hold their own against the other fixtures in Estrel’s rig,” concluded Pernau. “The ‘Stars in Concert’ series will certainly have rejuvenated sparkle for years to come.”

11th September 2017

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