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Cleveland Metroparks Celebrates Centennial with W-DMX

Cleveland Metroparks Celebrates Centennial with W-DMX

USA – This summer, the centennial celebration of Cleveland Metroparks featured fireworks, events, and activities honouring the past and celebrating the future of Cleveland’s green urban landscapes. On a July evening, city dignitaries hosted a gala event which included dazzling outdoor lighting, supplied by ILC, and controlled by W-DMX wireless devices.

“We utilised our new W-DMX G5 units to drive data for Elation Q5 Volt fixtures,” explains Renee Herbert, business development executive at ILC. “The event took place in the Brookside Reservation and was host to over 500 dignitaries and supporters of the Cleveland Metroparks. Around the event’s entrance area, we utilised 50 fixtures to light trees and foliage in Cleveland Metroparks’ green and gold colours. The W-DMX units transmitted reliable data over 500 feet and ran consistently for several hours. This project had none of the technical complications that we typically see when running a wide area wireless DMX system. We’ll definitely be depending on W-DMX G5 again.”

ILC (Intelligent Lighting Creations) is based in Arlington Heights, Illinois, with over 20 years of experience designing and delivering extraordinary lighting systems for productions and events nationwide. With an extensive inventory of lighting technology and related services, ILC partners with customers, the country’s top designers, and technical directors. Co-ordinating with audio, video, scenery, automation and specialized rigging partners to ensure safety, technical success, ILC provides world-class productions and events and, of course world-class lighting systems.

W-DMX is a true 'plug and play' system for transmitting both DMX and RDM data wirelessly. With a full range of indoor, outdoor, OEM products, and accessories, W-DMX’s new generation G5 Technology represents a true breakthrough with features such as doubling up for twice the number of DMX universes, personal connectivity for smartphones or tablets and especially triple band support in the 2.4, 5.8, and 5.2Ghz bandwidths, for reliable performance in even the toughest RF environments.

The advanced technology which made the previous generation of W-DMX the choice of professionals worldwide still prevails; Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (AFHSS) to dynamically avoid other radio frequency users, Ethernet support for a full range of protocols, RDM functionality for continual bi-directional communication, data-safe error correction and much more.

Cleveland Metroparks Celebrates Centennial with W-DMXCleveland Metroparks Celebrates Centennial with W-DMX

14th September 2017

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