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Elation Offers DiGidot C4 an Advanced LED and Pixel Tape Driver

Elation Offers DiGidot C4 an Advanced LED and Pixel Tape Driver

Elation Professional is offering the DiGidot C4, a small and powerful LED controller and pixel tape driver that has use in all kinds of applications.

“DiGidot is a powerful, innovative solution for pixel control and is one of the most advanced LED pixel tape drivers on the market today. We are proud to now offer it in our product line-up,” stated Elation Professional sales director Eric Loader. “It offers the latest technology for integration into a variety of LED pixel tape projects and runs all pixel tapes on the market, including the Elation Flex Pixel range.”

The DiGidot C4 is an in-house development of DiGidot, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It works as a pixel controller, ArtNet node, show recorder and trigger device and can work stand-alone for smaller set-ups or collaborate in larger networks with third-party devices. One device can drive more than 6,000 single LEDs.

Whereas users previously needed one or more ArtNet to DMX nodes in combination with a large number of DMX to SPI decoders to control a large number of LED pixel lights, the DiGidot C4 driver allows for easier configuration by daisy chaining through a built-in Ethernet switch. This means fewer devices, less cabling and less installation time.

A built-in show recorder records up to eight DMX universes, making the DiGidot C4 perfectly suited for applications in theme parks, museums, retail shops and architectural. It works with a variety of protocols and an intuitive app and web-based user interface make for convenient operation.

1st September 2017

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