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NEXT-proaudio introduces the new PXH95

NEXT-proaudio introduces the new PXH95

The new NEXT PXH95 is the mid-high speaker that belongs to the PX system, a system that can offer high SPL, reliability, an aesthetic design and high sound fidelity throughout the venue. This system reveals to be an ideal solution for portable applications as well as small concerts. Side fill or DJ monitoring are also one of the many applications that PX System covers.

When used by itself, the new PXH95 can be used in a variety of installation projects, including sports facilities, performance spaces, auditoriums, or worship facilities.

This new element was engineered to be a powerful medium/longthrow mid/high-frequency cabinet in a coaxial configuration. The frequency response range varies from 150Hz to 19kHz, with a precise coverage pattern of 90°H x 50°V over a frequency range from 400Hz–17kHz, ensuring equal sound within the coverage area. As the PXH95 cabinet is square based, it can be rotated to achieve 50ºH x 90ºV coverage pattern.

To obtain the highest possible on-axis sound pressure levels over long distances, the PXH95 mid/high unit is entirely horn-loaded creating an additional sensitivity and improved pattern control.

The HF range, from 1.15kHz upwards, is reproduced by a Neodymium 1.4” driver with a 3” voice coil and a Constant Q horn, whilst the mid-range, from 150 Hz to 1.25 kHz, is provided by a low power compression 12” driver loaded by a mid-range horn.

Wider horizontal coverage can be achieved using multiple PXH95, laterally stacked or flown. The PXH95 cabinet must be rotated by 90º to avoid the comb-filter effects.
A tilt unit (available as an option) permits the cabinet to be angled in 5° increments up to a maximum of 15°, as a result, the upper cabinet can be aimed directly at the audience area even when the system is ground stacked. Optional flying hardware enables the cabinet to be flown. The cabinet is fitted with M8 threaded suspension points, supporting a wide variety of installation approaches.

NEXT-proaudio introduces the new PXH95NEXT-proaudio introduces the new PXH95

26th September 2017

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