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ProPlex Takes UK and Europe by Storm

ProPlex Takes UK and Europe by Storm

UK – Storm Ltd. of the UK has optimised its large inventory of ProPlex data distribution units, installing them in rugged, touring racks, the perfect solution for their work on productions throughout the UK and Europe. To paraphrase a great British statesman, never in the history of show networking has so much data been distributed by so few devices.

“ProPlex provides a truly versatile and reliable solution for our networking demands,” says Storm’s hire co-ordinator, James Price. “Much of our work involves ‘rolling’ entire systems in and out of venues quickly, and by installing ProPlex in dedicated racks we have our entire networking ‘brain’ in a single package. Some of our racks include the GBS 10-port, Opto-Splitter 2x8, and IQ DMX-Ethernet nodes. We also have IQ Minis for truss-mounting. Everything is wired with ProPlex cable, making our network arsenal ready for anything.”

Storm’s director, Dave Knapp adds: “The ProPlex software and devices are intuitive and very easy to use, as well as powerful, reliable, and bullet-proof. The flexibility offered by the IQ Two and ProPlex Opto-Splitters makes data routing via both hard-switchable and soft-patched universe outputs extremely easy when dealing with corporate events and other rental applications. We have racks going to Prague and currently at a corporate event in Vienna, as well as on the UK theatre tour of Dirty Dancing. Loving the kit and of course, the support from TMB.”



15th September 2017

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