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Protec continues to impress as it turns 18

Protec continues to impress as it turns 18
Protec continues to impress as it turns 18

UAE – After 18 years of producing some of the region’s most memorable shows, Protec, a Dubai-headquartered event technical and staging solutions company, continues to deliver extraordinary experiences through its creative technical skills. From its first production in 1999 to launch the Faisaliah Tower in Riyadh in spectacular fashion, it has since, grown into the Middle East’s largest and most reliable company, consistently producing live events that are truly spectacular, leading edge and globally acclaimed.

Stephen Lakin, the company’s founder and CEO says:, “We have seen the events industry evolve considerably over the last 18 years since I started the company. Technology has grown, creativity has become bolder and audience engagement now plays a crucial role in every event. Our clients are spending more time on developing bespoke events, creatively using content with technology to immerse and involve their audiences into their story’s environment. Technology continues to play an important role and new technologies are guiding content developers to dig deeper into their creative talents to make full use of the technical resources to deliver with impact and to stay current. There is greater demand for a break from the typical sit and listen conference format to a more imaginative, dynamic, immersive and involving experience. This spurs us to continually think creatively and develop new ways of delivering our productions. So although we are one of the largest events technical and staging solutions company in the world, in my mind, our creative approach to all our projects and the ability to consistently create extraordinary experiences through clever use of technology is what sets us apart.”

Protec offers comprehensive event technology and staging solutions, from innovative design through to technical planning to the eventual implementation. It has ten fully-fledged departments and over 140 hand-picked full time staff who are highly trained and are at ease with the equipment and technology the company has continually invested in over the years. All of Protec’s services are fully owned and operated from its facilities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. With investments in excess of $75 million in the UAE, Protec has always been ahead of the game with technology and equipment and has been comfortable handling multiple events of any size, from small meetings to stadium shows. Protec continues in its efforts to not only support events of all sizes but also to offer the highest possible service to all the design houses and production companies encouraging new ideas and bold creativity.

Lakin says: “Our industry is constantly looking for new ideas, trends and methods. Protec has always catered to this growth and the desire to do things differently and over the last few years we have taken the latest technologies and applied it to our technical deliveries. We have always been a leader in using the latest technologies which are growing constantly. So as technology grows, we grow. If technology slows then we develop new technologies ourselves to continue our growth. I believe that we are not only one of the best technical companies in the world, but I also believe that we are one of the very few companies in the world that can honestly deliver the greatest events. I always encourage our clients and anyone who wish to use our services to come over and see us at our premises to see first-hand our capability and what we have to offer.”

The company that started operations in 1999 with 12 employees increased its staff to 21 when it purchased Varilite Middle East and has steadily grown to a 147 strong team of full time employees across all disciplines today. This growth has included the largest shows the Middle East has seen (both corporate and rock and roll) as well as thousands of smaller meetings and events. A key factor Lakin claims that has contributed to the company’s success is that it treats every event (whether it is the smallest of small events or a mega-show) with the same dedication and commitment. This approach, he adds, has cemented Protec’s relationships with its clients and has also played its part in the growth of the company as well as the industry in this region.

“In the last eight months, we have invested again in new technology and strengthened our lighting, video and audio departments with new equipment. We have also recruited 14 new staff, from senior management to technicians to ensure we never fall short of the regional industry’s requirements with both quantity and quality. My continued promise to the industry in the region is that when it comes to designing and delivering staging and technical solutions for any event, we will always have what it takes to create fantastic shows and event environments that audiences would love to inhabit,” concludes Lakin.

Protec continues to impress as it turns 18Protec continues to impress as it turns 18

15th September 2017

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