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Robe at PLASA 2017

Robe at PLASA 2017
Robe at PLASA 2017

UK – Robe will be back in London at Olympia for the 2017 PLASA exhibition, which sees the event and the organisation celebrating 40 years at the forefront of the vibrancy and innovation of the entertainment technology industry.

Robe’s focus will be on its just launched MegaPointe all new multi-purpose moving light, globally launched just ten days ahead of PLASA, which is its first international trade show.

Another show-stopping lighting design can be enjoyed by all visitors on Stand D40 which will put the drama and excitement of theatricality and live performance at its core. Those blown away by the stunning light show featuring on the MegaPointe launch video will be able to see it in all its retina-burning glory for real – up-close on the stand!

Robe is once again a platinum sponsor of PLASA in recognition of the great energy and buzz that has always been at the heart of the show, which is a great networking and social occasion as well as a key opportunity to showcase new technicians to leading professionals and companies as well as new, emerging and aspiring members of the performance lighting and visuals community.

MegaPointe is set to define new standards and expectations in moving light technology, taking the original concept of the all-in-one fixture to a whole new level.

Utilising an exclusive 470W short-arc light source, Robe’s diligently crafted MegaPointe optics produce phenomenally bright parallel beams, incredible spot gobo projections, together with super-quick movement, smooth CMY colour mixing and a multitude of effects available for splitting and shaping the light in spot, beam or wash modes.

The zoom ranges from 1.8 to 21 degrees in beam mode, tight, powerful and punchy, and goes from three to 42 degrees in Spot mode with crystal clear high-clarity output through a 150mm diameter front lens, with a stunning total lumen output of 20.375 and an impressive CRI of over 80.

Inventive, different in-air projections can be created using the new effects engine, pre-loaded with 12 dynamic beam and flower effects, and can be further manipulated using the beam shaper which can emulate framing shutter effects and create rectangular shapes as well as being rotatable and indexable.

Utilising the light and medium frost filters with any combination of colours from the CMY mixing system produces a beautiful, smooth, even wash coverage.

There is a static 14-slot plus open gobo wheel fitted with glass gobos for precision surface projections and exciting in-air impressions, and a second wheel contains nine rotating, indexable and replaceable gobos.

These can be combined with a variable speed, bi-directional animation wheel which can be used in conjunction with any of the gobos or on its own to enhance or produce exceptionally subtle and detailed effects and projections.

A remote adjustable hot-spot control can further influence the appearance of the light source, and there is yet more versatility with a series of pre-programmable random strobe and pulse effects.

In keeping with Robe’s commitment to smaller-brighter-lighter fixtures, it weighs only 22kg (48.5lbs).

MegaPointe draws on Robe’s expertise as a premium moving light manufacturer and has been developed by the R&D team working in close collaboration with valuable input from lighting professionals to develop another outstanding product.

Also new and featured on the stand are a number of other fixtures and a new raft of dynamic followspotting innovations designed to harness the power and flexibility of Robe’s BMFLs, DL Series fixtures and MegaPointes.

Robe’s ROBIN LEDBeam 150, complete with spectacular zoom range of 3,8° to 60°, offers fast sweeping beams and a wide excellent quality wash light in a compact housing.

Attractive colourful chases and smooth transitions are powered by a cluster of high power 30W RGBW multi-chip LEDs. The zoom uses a custom-designed optical system and an optimised motorised control produces speedy pan and tilt movement.

The fixture has intense strobing capabilities, smooth 18-bit dimming, including tungsten lamp effects, straightforward control via pre-programmed colours on a virtual colour wheel and the various strobing and pulsing effects enable quick and easy programming.

The highly affordable LED ACL-style ParFect beam unit now also has a zoom feature included.

ParFect 150 is a static, zoom-able version of the LEDBeam 150 and retains all the key features including both CMY and RGBW colour control, 18-bit dimming, tungsten emulation, selectable and variable colour temperatures and a punchy beam ranging from 3,8° to 60°.

Accessories like barndoors and the gel frames give ParFect 150 a range of features required for TV and theatre environments.

ParFect 150 FW provides a Fresnel style wash output, with a smoothly diffused beam edge and no chromatic abberation.

onePATT is brand new and the latest member of Robe’s growing PATT family of scenic retro-styled luminaires; it is a high-powered, multi-coloured RGBW multi-chip LED fixture housed in a slim lightweight brushed metal frame.

The onePATT can be mapped, so fixtures can be used for matrix-style and other geometric as well as single source illumination. An integral intelligent electronic control system guarantees flicker-free operation and overtime protection. Together with remote-addressing, calibration and status messaging and dedicated power supply, easy remote maintenance and long term reliability are ensured.

In addition to the brand new onePATT, PATT 2017 is an LED version that extends the original PATT 2013 range with an environmentally conscious option driven by seven 30W RGBW LEDs. A mix of colours can be replicated or the fixture can be run in tungsten variants, making excellent eye-candy effect for stages and sets and perfect for bands, television, film and general prop lighting.

Followspotting has always been considered an art in its own right, and Robe has created a series of products that make it easy and practical to utilise the intensity, high CRI and other features of its high powered moving light ranges like BMFL and MegaPointe for followspotting applications.

BMFL FollowSpot is a custom version of Robe’s BMFL WashBeam, with specific features to provide both motorised movement and manual operation with follow-spot handles.

The BMFL FollowSpot takes advantage of the wide 160mm front lens and high CRI 1700W lamp, which, with an exclusive light source designed specifically for Robe, produces an impressive 250,000 lux at five metres and has a wide zoom range of 5° to 45° with precise focusing.

Manually or remotely controllable features include smooth colour mixing and CTO flags, two colour wheels, multiple variable frost filters, focus, zoom and quick pulsing iris. Followspot operation can be greatly extended by using LightMaster handles as an optional accessory.

The BMFL FollowSpot is also pre-wired for installation of the RoboSpot Camera on the head and can be connected with the new RoboSpot BaseStation for off stage followspot operation.

In situations or locations where it’s not practical to have operated follow, RoboSpot is a great solution. It is a remote followspot system that can remotely control BMFL Spot, Blade, WashBeam, BMFL FollowSpot, DL7S Profile, DL4S Profile and MegaPointe fixtures that rental companies will already have in their inventories.

The RoboSpot system utilises an external camera to follow the performer and can control up to 12 Robe fixtures mounted in different locations around the stage.

The RoboSpot BaseStation’s video screen provides a first-person-view for the operator standing on the stage from fixture-mounted RoboSpot camera(s) or from dedicated pan and tilt enabled RoboSpot MotionCamera units.

The RoboSpot BaseStation then allows the operator to use handles with two programmable faders (mapped for example to dimmer and iris) with movement of the handles computed and transferred via DMX as a control signal for pan and tilt movement of the controlled units.

A panel with a touch screen display and four custom programmable jog-wheels plus ten assignable buttons allows the operator to trigger and control dimmer, focus, iris, colours and other features of the units being controlled. While in use by followspot operator, the remote desk can still take control of all the internal features of the unit (like dimmer, colours, etc.).

Up to 12 fixtures can be controlled at the same time from a single RoboSpot BaseStation.

RoboSpot MotionCamera is a dedicated camera-based unit with DMX remotely-controllable focus, zoom and with precise pan and tilt movement.

The internal high quality camera offers automatic adjustment for low light, a wide range of zoom angles and provides a first-person-view for the remote followspot operator.

Video signals from the internal camera are transferred in real time to the RoboSpot base unit via Ethernet.

RoboSpot Camera is a ready-to-mount device for BMFL FollowSpot units. Together with BMFL FollowSpot and RoboSpot BaseStation they can create a perfect package for remote followspotting.

BMFL LightMaster Side / Rear is an accessory for using the externally mounted programmable followspot handles comprising a control panel with two individual faders that assist the creation of quality followspot characteristics from any BMFL fixtures.

Available in either sideways or back mounted option, the handles feature two programmable faders (e.g. dimmer and iris) and a touch screen display control panel with four programmable jog-wheels and ten assignable buttons, which allow the operator to trigger and control dimmer, iris, focus, zoom, frost, colours or other features of the unit.

While being used by the followspot operator, the remote desk can still take control of all the internal features of the BMFL unit (like dimmer, colours, etc.).

Internal fixture’s settings allow pan and tilt movement behaviour to be tailored by adjusting tension smoothness and resistance.

Quick mounting in either the back or side positions is achieved using quarter turn locking screws and the control panel connects to the BMFL via USB.

Robe’s VIVA CMY combines brightness and an exceptionally clean and clear (zero-fringing) white beam, together with the smooth continuous colour transitions of CMY mixing. Its LED light source is extremely energy-efficient.

Elegant and lightweight, this fixture is packed with smart and easy-to-use effects.

Robe at PLASA 2017Robe at PLASA 2017

11th September 2017

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