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SGM fixtures provide perfect illumination for World Ballet

SGM fixtures provide perfect illumination for World Ballet
SGM fixtures provide perfect illumination for World Ballet

Europe – This year, the World Ballet celebrated its ten-year anniversary, which was marked with a spectacular show that challenged and animated the audience with new and well-known elements from both classic and modern displays from the world of ballet, opera and classical music.

Lighting on stage was invisible to most of the audience during the show. It is a known issue in ballet that lighting is often intended to show three-dimensional bodies moving in complex ways through space clearly and unobtrusively but without intruding too much on the audience’ consciousness.

Lighting designer Martin Holst deployed SGM Q-7 and P-5 flood and wash LED luminaires for the six shows. He set out to create a simple, safe and visually clean looking expression ensuring no “interference” in the scenery.

It was made simple by collecting the lamps with MX pipe rings into a circle to be hoisted electrically. Safeguarding the design came through the selection of IP65-rated fixtures from SGM, and choosing to shape the lighting display in a circular form gave a clean look for both photographers and audience and ensured the highest visibility of the stage and performers.

Illuminating in the early evening hours during summer can be tricky, but these SGM fixtures have been effective at any time of the day. Replacing the previously used PAR lights, we now have a set-up with produces an even light distribution while securing the outdoor production as the SGM fixtures are IP65-rated and waterproof, also around the cabling,” states Martin Holst.

Danish presenter and tenor Jens-Christian Wandt lead the audience through the different genres and made ensured a high audience participation. The summer anniversary tour visited a total of six spectacular locations in Denmark and Germany with ballet dancers from three of the world’s most famous ballet companies such as The Royal Ballet of London, The Mariinskij Ballet St. Petersburg and The Staatsballet Berlin. Danish opera singers and international musicians complemented the dancers, and the shows were close to sold-out at all locations visited also by Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark.

“Both the client and myself have been very pleased the lighting products and the overall result, and photographers have been more than satisfied with the coverage and light output,” concludes Martin Holst.

photos: Esben Zøllner Olesen 

SGM fixtures provide perfect illumination for World BalletSGM fixtures provide perfect illumination for World Ballet

14th September 2017

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