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Think Open Day – #ThinkITR

Think Open Day – #ThinkITR

UK Often referred to as the AV industry’s best kept secret, ITR Hire began its transition ‘from reticent to revealed’ at its inaugural #ThinkITR open day, held at the Telford International Centre on Wednesday 24th August 2017.

Designed as an eight zone experiential arrangement, #ThinkITR comprised eight distinct areas, replicating the service offerings that the company provides. A vast LED gondola hung from the ceiling welcomed the visitors as they arrived, while the experiential zones faultlessly delivered a journey of creative and technological discovery.

Sharon Reynolds, joint managing director, ITR comments: “In 1998, my business partner Steve Hallsworth and I set out to see if we could make a difference. The answer was a profound 'yes', so in 2000 IT Rentals was formed. It's now some19 years later that we are asking 'can we still make a difference?'

We began our transition from a transactional operation in 2000 to a fully consultative service provider in recent years. To present these changes we decided to open our doors for the first time and fully deliver our own live event, showcasing technology from our new 2mm LED wall through to our digital and creative technology solutions and interactive services.”

Sharon was delighted with the mindset change that visitors had as soon as they walked in through the door.

Clients saying: 'we just came to see the video wall' or 'we came to see what was top secret', immediately turned into 'we would like to work with you more' and 'we didn't know you offered these as part of your portfolio'."

The eight experiential zones featured:


  1. The LED Experience. This section featured a vast Unilumin 2mm LED (Upad III 2.6mm) which showcased in dramatic fashion its revolutionary -6° to +15° curveability, edge-to-edge and 90° corner option seamless display. ITR also used their AirScan technology which, using motion controlled user interfaces, adds a new dimension to interactive multimedia display and presentation solutions. Almost any surface can now be turned into a touchscreen using AirScan technology, allowing a large number of users to interact over a large surface area – in this case it was the organically shaped Unilumin display.
    Driven by Coolux Media Servers, this section also demonstrated RFID, PIR sensors and pressure mats. 
  2. The Interactive Zone really piqued visitors’ interests with the Radar Touch, iOS and Android app simulator and bespoke touchscreen apps ITR had on display. The company’sin-house digital solutions team were on hand to discuss and demonstrate the latest experiential innovations and bespoke touchscreen apps. Ranging from simple one-user touchscreen games and product catalogues to fully interactive, multi-touch experiences, ITR have many clients coming to them after purchasing an event app elsewhere but wanting to make it available to people without smart phones or devices at the event. ITR’s app simulator does exactly that; it provides the ability to display an app on any size of touchscreen.
  3. The VR Theatre featured some stunning virtual reality and simulation experiences including a racing car simulator which allowed ITR’s visitors to live life for a few minutes as an F1 driver in a pod with HTC Vive. Microsoft’s HoloLens, with its 2.3megapixel screen and forward facing cameras that superimpose content in front of you in glorious stereoscopic 3D was on display, as was the HTC Vive. The Vive immerses you into another dimension whilst using the headset and wireless controllers, which provides interaction with, and manipulation of, objects in the virtual world! To complete the trio of VR options, ITR also demonstrated the Oculus Rift, which offers a range of different experiences such as EVE: Valkyrie, Lucky’s Tale and Oculus Video.
  4. The Digital Solutions Suite: the digital solutions department of ITR has recently been created, following increased demand from clients who require that little bit of extra for their event.
    Comprising a wealth of knowledge of apps and software and complementing that by utilising both off-the-shelf and bespoke packages – coupled with the best hardware technology that ITR has to offer – the team was available to discuss how they come up with ideas that provides further added value to an event.
  5. Providing respite from the onslaught of sensory stimulation, the Networking Hub and Refreshments area offered ITR’s open day visitors an opportunity to network and discuss the finer points of creative collaboration.
  6. The Professional Skills section wrapped the main stage that also used a Panasonic laser projector as its backdrop, promoting the flagship course of the ITR Academy. The Academy is an education body formed to deliver business and employability courses that inspires and motivates. The ITR Academy supports business teams and professionals and builds on the foundations of real-life experiences and events. ITR’s training methods have been incorporated from over a decade in the design and delivery of workshops across the UK to people from all walks of life and through a huge range of industries, business models, government institutions and community organisations.
  7. Standalytics is a discrete 'sentinel' technology. An in-depth technology for determining footfall, interest and attraction of an exhibition stand and its personnel, Standalytics can provide heat maps and collect data from popular and engaging areas delivering an insight on customers’ interests.
  8. Top Secret (Decision Data). Over two years of data collection, dubbed ‘Decision Data’, has enabled ITR to provide their first ‘White Paper' offering. The data has been made available to all of ITR's Partners and will become part of the ITR Partner Programme, alongside other offerings such as Standalytics and Qtapps.

Sharon concludes: “A big thank you to everyone who attended our first ever open day; we have been totally bowled over by your support and enthusiasm!

I would also like to thank our 75 strong team for playing their part in both the event and the delivery of our solutions. Without our clients and our team, Steve Hallsworth and myself would not have been able to evolve IT Rentals Ltd into the Company we now have – ITR Events.”

20th September 2017

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