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Video release: New MILOS products launched in 2017

MILOS has just released a new video about its exciting range of products that were introduced on the market this year. The video gives an overview of the features these new products offer and how they make MILOS truss even more practical and convenient.

New products featured in the video:

  • Modular Hinge – Increased flexibility with your 290 / 390 truss
  • Multicube HD – Heavy-duty connections in your horizontal grids with virtually no strength limitations
  • Top Ring – 3600 mounting of your lighting fixtures
  • Top Bracket – Totem and floor mounting of your lights
  • Speaker Mount – Secure mounting of speakers on your vertical truss
  • Hanging Plate – Minimum space between truss and ceilings
  • MT1 Outrigger Holder – Ensures outriggers are stored securely to the sides of your MT1-Base

The video can be viewed here

11th September 2017

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