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Yamaha Launches MMP1 Studio Monitor Management System At IBC2017

Yamaha Launches MMP1 Studio Monitor Management System At IBC2017

The Netherlands – Although many elements of audio production are nowadays an integral part of high-performance DAWs, even the most practical in-the-box systems still need peripherals for full studio functionality. Yamaha’s new MMP1 Studio Monitor Management System is a system management solution for DAW-based production environments in one versatile, great-sounding and cost-effective unit.

Monitoring is a vitally important element of the production environment, directly affecting the quality of the final product. The advent of immersive audio formats has raised the bar even higher, increasing the capability for precise soundfield reproduction, at the same time making the requirements for monitor control and management even more complex. The MMP1 flexibly adapts to the diversity and complexity of monitor and communication needs in the most efficient way. Much more than a monitor controller, it is a comprehensive package of essential studio functionality that offers optimum support for in-the-box mixing workflows.

Enclosed in a single 2U, 19-inch rackmount unit, the space-saving MMP1 features a 40 x 36 channel matrix, for monitor source mixing that supports formats from stereo to immersive audio, including Dolby Atmos. Eight stereo cues and flexible talkback allow easy communication between multiple artists and directors.

The monitor matrix is followed by a 32 x 32 speaker management matrix with crossover filters for bass management on all channels, allowing much greater freedom for speaker layout than the common practice of providing a limited selection of preset patterns. Precision FIR bass management filters are provided in addition to IIR types, making it possible to maintain flat phase characteristics between channels for optimum sonic clarity and imaging. Time alignment delay and EQ are included too, for comprehensive speaker output control. In addition to eight analogue and sixteen AES/EBU inputs and outputs, built-in Dante audio networking provides extra I/O expansion and system scalability.

Eight channel strips are included, each with four selectable EQ types (Precise, Aggressive, Smooth, and Legacy) that offer a comprehensive range of response shaping options, plus a number of analogue vintage effects modelled at the component level using acclaimed Yamaha VCM technology for professional grade processing capability. Artists in the booth can be provided with a separate cough mute controller connected to the MMP1 GPI interface.

Cough mute status is visible via MMP1 Editor in the control room.

Meticulous attention has been paid to selecting every component of the MMP1 and the smallest circuit design details, while rigorous testing has ensured optimum tuning of the entire system. The result is unprecedented sonic quality.

The MMP1 is very easy to set up and operate via two software applications. MMP1 Editor for Windows and Mac computers (downloadable from the Yamaha Pro Audio web site) provides all-function access for everything from system design and file management to day-to-day operation. The MMP1 Controller app for iPad, available from the Apple App Store, provides convenient, intuitive control of essential parameters, including all the facilities on the MMP1’s eight channel strips. These include trim, delay, phase invert, filter, EQ, Comp260 VCM compression and insert facilities, meaning the need for outboard processors and complex internal DAW routing is minimised.

With eight high-performance analogue input and output connections, 16 channels of AES I/O, integrated Dante audio networking capability and a 16-pin GPI interface that can communicate with a variety of external devices, the MMP1 is an extremely versatile unit. Redundant power supplies provide fail-safe reliability and it can contribute to enhanced efficiency and operability in broadcast facilities and a wide spectrum of other applications.

15th September 2017

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