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ZerOS RigSync Wins PLASA Innovation Award

ZerOS RigSync Wins PLASA Innovation Award

UK Eaton’s popular Zero 88 lighting control brand continues its winning ways by collecting a coveted PLASA (Professional Lighting & Sound Association) 2017 ‘Award for Innovation’ for the cool and inventive ‘RigSync’ feature, a feature available with the latest version of its powerful and flexible ZerOS console software.

RigSync demystifies the work of DMX addressing for console users, allowing them more time to focus on being imaginative, while the technical elements sort themselves out via the console communicating with the lighting rig.

The judges commented: RigSync opens up lighting creativity opportunities for non-technical people in an entry-level environment.”

The PLASA Awards for Innovation aim to recognise and reward new product ideas, and are independently judged by a task-force of industry specialists.

Perfect for multiple scenarios, RigSync automatically ensures the console and the rig are – and remain – continuously synchronised, effectively invisibly solving potential ‘disputes’ like duplicate DMX addresses or change in fixture modes.

We live in a world where smartphones assist in accomplishing numerous complex tasks very straightforwardly on a daily basis,” explained Eaton’s product manager for entertainment, Jon Hole.

We adopted this same philosophy and approach to developing RigSync, which doesn’t just read the lighting rig or patch the console, it manages the set-up with no interaction required at all from the user making the process simple, enjoyable and stress free!”

For a large percentage of small to medium-sized shows and events and venues, technicians and operators do not need to be involved or concerned about specifics like DMX addresses, as long as their fixtures are functioning correctly. As any active practitioner in the performance and entertainment industry knows, the whole process of assigning DMX channels can come late on in the show’s technical periods when everyone, including console programmers and LDs, are under pressure. RigSync deals very eloquently with this scenario.

Incompatibilities in DMX addressing are automatically fixed and settings like modes and alignments are kept in sync between the console and the rig.

It is the first implementation of DMX, RDM and ArtRDM in a lighting console that allows the installer or operator – if desired – to be oblivious to the ongoing technical process.

New fixtures are added automatically to the system, with ZerOS assigning the settings and adjusting other fixtures to ensure the rig stays working, with fixtures not supporting RDM avoided rather than ignored.

RigSync will only change settings when it is necessary to make the rig work. Once the show is over, the rig can be reverted back to its original settings, so venues receiving tours are as they were with their house systems.

RigSync can also be disabled for each console output to avoid issues on lower spec kit where DMX or RDM specifications are not accurately implemented.

Utilising RigSync removes all these time-consuming and potentially unnecessary steps as well as making the art of lighting control more accessible and enjoyable for new or occasional users.

This is the second PLASA Innovation Award that Cwmbran, Wales based Zero 88 has won in two years, adding to 2015’s recognition of the new FLX lighting console.

We are absolutely delighted to have won another Innovation Award so soon,” stated Zero 88 general manager David Catterall. “We believe in making lighting control affordable, straightforward and fun, and this is a great example of ingenuity from which many people will benefit.”

The Award was presented at the end of the second day of the 2017 PLASA trade show at Olympia in London.

At this year’s expo, Zero 88 launched two powerful, all-new FLX lighting control consoles designed for applications where space, time, ease of use and flexibility are key factors – the FLX S24 and FLX S48.

Winning the innovation Award was a fantastic bonus to a busy and successful show for the Zero 88 team.

In picture: Zero 88 Team at PLASA 2017 – David Catterall (general manager), Tyler Hopkins (international sales), Jon Hole (product manager, entertainment), Edward Smith (product support) and Mandy Bullock-Williams (sales executive, lighting systems).


22nd September 2017

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