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Anolis and Robe at ISE 2018

Anolis and Robe at ISE 2018
Anolis and Robe at ISE 2018

The Netherlands – Premium architectural and installation LED lighting manufacturer Anolis will showcase a mix of new innovations and popular product ranges on stand 7-X195 at the 2018 Integrated Systems Europe Exhibition (ISE) at Amsterdam’s RAI.

The stand will be shared with leading entertainment industry moving light brand and sister company, Robe.

Anolis highlights its Ambiane downlight luminaires, the first in a new range of specialist high performance fixtures that bring dynamics and colour to any ambient lighting scenario. There will also be a focus on the new ArcLine Outdoor DVP (Direct View Pixel), the ArcPix, a robust pixel-mapping solution and the super punchy little Arc Dot, also ideal for matrix effects and kinetic media projects.

The striking booth design itself will incorporate Ambiane, DVP, ArcDot and ArcPix into an elegant showcase, also giving visitors an idea of how the products can look in situ.

Robe will showcase its new MegaPointe multifunctional moving light and its popular Spiider LED wash beam, both ideal for all types of installation.

Anolis and Robe both have high expectations of the show, especially with an increased awareness of the potential of lighting and creative media products that can work with digital inputs.

ISE is renowned as one of the busiest and most successful integration and installation expos in Europe with a lively and dynamic audience that cross over multiple sectors encompassing architectural and architainment, all types of installation scenarios such as venues, attractions, commercial, entertainment and many other areas where good lighting design and appropriate technology is fundamental.

The Anolis Ambiane downlight is designed for a wide range of applications needing ambient lighting which can also be colour changing. It is currently available in RGBW and tuneable white CCT versions with 67 or 80 degree beams.

High quality single-chip LEDs and reflectors optimise the light output, and refined colour mixing produces beautiful smooth colour transitions allowing Ambiane to produce dramatic and versatile looks and moods for any environment.

Ambiane can be DMX or DALI controlled. A secondary power input is available for backup in case of an issue with the primary power source.

IP 20 or IP 54 versions are available, as well as a selection of clear or frosted glass for the IP 54 version.

Ideal for theatres, concert halls, auditoriums, ballrooms, sports facilities, public spaces including foyers, atriums, corridors, stairwells, lounges, restaurants and bars, retail, offices and meeting rooms, galleries and museums.

A great choice for highlighting or outlining buildings, and other objects with video and media style effects, ArcLine Outdoor direct view pixel is one of a range of inventive and flexible media solutions from Anolis.

It is available in a variety of lengths that are quick and easy to daisy-chain, linking power and data.

The RGB Multichip light source is impressively bright, and Anolis’ renowned smooth colour mixing produces a rich array of colours and streamlined transitions.

Anolis ArcPix is a compact RGB LED multi-chip node offering versatility and scope to create exciting kinetic and visual effects outdoors or indoors highlighting objects and spaces in any environment.

The plug-and-play electronics are designed for ease of use and installation, while complex mapping and media effects can be played out for maximum effect. A single power supply can power hundreds of ArcPix units and stunning structural surfaces and interfaces can be created for building facades.

Housed in tough moulded polycarbonate casing and rated IP 67, this product is also ideal for more challenging outdoor installations.

Anolis ArcDot is a punchy little fixture is perfect for all sizes of pixel matrix designs with a powerful output due to the high quality multi-chip LED and excellent colour mixing giving a rich array of hues. It offers flicker-free operation, so is great for all types of media schemes. A sleek aluminium housing with frosted, UV stable, polycarbonate dome and an IP 67 rating makes it reliable and robust for both interior and exterior operation.

RobeMegaPointe brings new standards and expectations to moving light technology, taking the original concept of the all-in-one fixture to a whole new level.

Utilising an exclusive 470W short-arc light source, Robe’s diligently crafted MegaPointe optics produce phenomenally bright parallel beams, incredible gobo projections, together with super-quick movement, smooth CMY colour mixing and a multitude of effects available for splitting and shaping the light in spot, beam or wash modes.

The zoom ranges from 1.8 to 21 degrees in beam mode – tight, powerful and punchy! It goes from 3 to 42 degrees in spot mode with crystal clear high-clarity output through a 150mm diameter front lens, with a stunning total lumen output of 20,375 and an impressive CRI of over 80.

In keeping with Robe’s commitment to smaller-brighter-lighter fixtures it weighs only 22kg.

Robe Spiider is a new LED wash luminaire which builds on the extreme success of Robe’s best-selling ‘industry standard’ LEDWash series with completely new concept and optics.

It has one super bright 60W RGBW LED multi-chip in the middle which is surrounded by 18 30W RGBW LED multi-chips in an intricate optical design that resembles a spider web.

It is also so much more than just a wash. It can be used as a beam and – a first for LED wash light stage luminaires – it has an eye catching flower effect.

The zoom is an impressive 4 - 48 degrees, and the light output is outstanding, offering more than 50.000 lumens at five metres.

Spiider has all the great features making Robe’s LEDWash series such a well-respected industry standard, including virtual colour wheel, tungsten lamp emulation, individual pixel control, in-built wireless DMX on request and much more.

International sales and technical teams from Anolis and Robe will be on the stand together with product specialists from Benelux distributor Controllux.

Anolis and Robe at ISE 2018Anolis and Robe at ISE 2018

31st January 2018

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