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Chauvet Professional Strike 1 Performs Blinding New Year Spectacular

Chauvet Professional Strike 1 Performs Blinding New Year Spectacular

PolandThe city of Zakopane in southern Poland kicks off each year in a spectacular fashion with a high-energy NYE party hosted by television station TVP2. This year the show,which was produced by TVP, was even more impactful than usual with its massive stage and thanks to state-of-the-art lighting and video delivered by ARAM; lighting was designed by Adam Tyszka and a stunning stage design by production designer Giorgos Stylianou-Matsis.

Central to creating this unforgettable experience was a collection of 44 Chauvet Professional Strike 1 fixtures, which Tyszka utilised to produce a multitude of stage and audience effects such as blinding and strobing.

Positioned at the very top of the custom built cosmic influenced stage structure, which was located at the foot of the spectacular Tatry Mountain range, the Strike fixtures were used to accentuate the performances of the Polish and international bands that played with the beautiful surroundings of the Zakopane as their backdrop.

The Strike is an absolutely perfect fixture for outdoor stages of this kind,” commented Tyszka. With its 230W warm white tungsten-emulating single source LED, the Strike offers both a powerful and versatile tool with strobe, blinder, wash and floodlight capabilities. “Positioning the Strikes above the structure gave us a much more powerful counterpoint than the traditional four-pot blinders. The unique single source of the fixture provided us with some really interesting looks.”

Tyszka took advantage of the Strike 1 fixture‘s unique tungsten feel and smooth incandescent-emulating dimming curve to award the cold New Year’s evening with warming looks. As a result, the warm white glow of the Strikes provided a well-balanced counterpoint to the colourful stage design structure, not to mention the picturesque surroundings.

Tyszka was also able to utilise the fixture’s strobe and blinder effects to full potential during the six-hour event, showering the 5000-strong crowd with a blanket of rich, immersive light, both blinding and strobing. As a result, Tyszka was able to provide key visual accentuation to accompany the performances whilst simultaneously ensuring attention was not completely diverted to the ongoing pyrotechnics display during the 2018 countdown.

Complex multimedia productions for live events are our bread and butter, but New Years Eve of Dreamsis a project that went one step above everything else we’ve done so far,” concluded Rafal Mrzyglocki, CEO at ARAM. “Due to the location and the size of the stage, the scope of festivities and many constantly changing elements – such as the weather conditions – the design and lighting were one of the most complicated projects we’ve ever worked on. We’re incredibly proud of the result delivered by ARAM and all of our partners, and hope for it to remain an inspiration to all of us.”

Chauvet Professional Strike 1 Performs Blinding New Year Spectacular  Chauvet Professional Strike 1 Performs Blinding New Year Spectacular

18th January 2018

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