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Powersoft to Showcase Complete Fixed Install Amplifier Range at ISE with Extended Duecanali Series

Powersoft to Showcase Complete Fixed Install Amplifier Range at ISE with Extended Duecanali Series

The Netherlands – On stand U265 in Hall 15, at this year’s Integrated Systems Europe (Amsterdam RAI, 6th - 9th February), Powersoft will launch the new Duecanali 804 and Duecanali 4804, a two-channel amplifier platform with optional DSP and Dante dedicated to the fixed install market, and the perfect answer to system integrators’ needs for a high-performance amplifier solution in leisure and retail spaces.

The Duecanali 4804 provides 2 x 2400W at 4Ω, a power output suitable to a wide range of projects, making it an attractive and cost-effective solution for small to medium size installations seeking both pristine and reliable sound. The Duecanali 804 offers 2 x 400W and represents a lower total power solution for installations in retail, as well as bars and restaurants where a single two-channel amplifier is the requirement, without the need for additional channels or power. The range is completed by the existing Duecanali 1602, which was launched at ISE in 2017 and now sits between the two new products in the Duecanali range.

The newly completed Duecanali range is able to drive low impedance loads (2/4/8 Ohm) and 70V/100V distributed lines selectable per channel. Furthermore, it provides more than 16 different possible output configurations (Lo-Z, Hi-Z, bridge mode, parallel mode, and combinations of these), delivering a maximum output power per channel of: 400 to 1250W at 8Ω, 400 to 2400W at 4Ω, 500 to 3000W at 2Ω 1000 to 6000W at 4Ω bridged, 800 to 4800W at 8Ω bridged and 400 to 2400W at 100 Volt and 70 Volt.

The two new models complete the Duecanali Series, bringing consistency in terms of size and power, as well as look and feel, for Powersoft’s installation market. The products are available in standard or DSP+D versions which extend system performance with on board high-end signal processing and Dante™ digital audio distribution. Both models can be managed with the newly launched user friendly Armonía 2.11 Pro Audio Suite version.

“With DSP onboard, interoperability created via third-party plug-ins, networking and remote control, Powersoft amplifiers have been converted into smart controllers of the future,” says Francesco Fanicchi, Powersoft’s brand and communication director. “This has great bearing on integrators involved in multiple disciplines like audio, video, ETH cabling, power distribution and UPS provision, meaning that the future becomes a whole lot easier.”

With this new extension, the Duecanali series now sits coherently alongside Powersoft’s Quattrocanali and Ottocanali Series of fixed installation solutions, addressing the requirement for small and medium size applications where the channel count is limited and the need for a flexible product to work with Hi-Z and Lo-Z systems is a must.

Building on the success of the Ottocanali and Quattrocanali ranges, the two new Duecanali models not only benefit from Powersoft’s unmatched power to size ratio, but also boast the lowest thermal dissipation ratings in the industry, thus requiring no external cooling. Truly efficient, the amplifier recycles the otherwise wasted speaker reactive energy to enhance sound performances, delivering more stable power throughout the spectrum.

Duecanali, Quattrocanali and Ottocanali all feature Powersoft’s trademarked switch-mode power supply with Power Factor Correction (PFC), Smart Rail Management (SRM) and bridgeable switch mode fixed frequency Class D output circuit topology. Combined, the three fixed install dedicated series offer a total of 18 two-, four- and eight-channel amplifiers: three DSP models in each series are complemented by DSP+D (Dante) versions offering enhanced connectivity and control functionality, which in turn ensures maximum design flexibility for the systems integrator. In addition, low power consumption, low maintenance, a long life cycle, along with the networking capabilities represent major advantages in terms of cost and time-savings for both the integrators and operators, turning the true COO into an extremely attractive proposition.

Marc Kocks, Powersoft’s business development manager for the fixed install market, commented: “Powersoft’s DSP technology is recognised as an industry standard and can be found across our entire range, from the flagship touring product X Series to the eight- four- and two-channel fixed-install range. Powersoft offers the most advanced control and monitoring of the entire sound system with a matrix, raised cosine and FIR filters, delays and Powersoft’s unique active damping control, 5 limiters, live impedance monitoring and more. With the addition of these two Duecanali, we are confident that there is a product for any type of installation, from the exclusive 20 seats restaurant to the 80,000 seats stadium.”

As such, the three Powersoft fixed installation series of amplifiers seamlessly integrate within a networking environment, both through standard Cat5-cabled and Wi-Fi networks. Remote access via the Armonía Pro Audio suite allows for full operability, including monitoring and diagnostics, from a decentralised location via laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone. The fully-customisable interface seamlessly integrates all devices in one easy-to-manage screen, so that everything displayed can be monitored at a glance. Duecanali, Quattrocanali and Ottocanali can all be set up in offline mode so that work can be done on presets while unhindered operation continues.

The Due/Quattro/Ottocanali series is fully remote controllable via standard GPI/O connections on the back panel, Powersoft’s proprietary Armonía software, dedicated web app, or third-party application.

This usability and efficiency meet the growing expectation for amplifier platforms to provide excellent sonic quality and control whilst also offering a simple, limited, interface for non-technical staff to access just the main monitoring functions such as sound, volume and zoning, while full operability is left to qualified admin users.

The two new models in the Duecanali Series ship in February 2018.

9th January 2018

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