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Rogues Take Revelers On a Journey at BangON NYC Party

Rogues Take Revelers On a Journey at BangON NYC Party
Rogues Take Revelers On a Journey at BangON NYC Party

USA – Entering the BangON NYC party at Brooklyn’s East Williamsburg Warehouse on 31st December instantly conjured up feelings of journeying deep into our solar system. Hanging from the ceiling, as if floating through the vastness of space, were very large, colourful planetary orbs. The generously proportioned building, which stretches for nearly a city block and has a 35’ ceiling, served as an ideal setting for this celestial scene. It also provided Spencer Lavoie and Kyle McHugh with room to create an astronomically powerful light show that tied these heavenly bodies and other scenic elements into a transformative visual panorama with help from a collection of Chauvet Professional Rogue fixtures.

“It was a treat to watch light beams criss-cross one other over this sizeable amount of space and play off the scenic elements,” said Lavoie, who served as technical director of the event, which featured performances by a range of EDM artists like Claptone, Maxwell, FDVM and Dirty Looks. “There was a perfect fusion between the music and Kyle’s light show.”

Featured in that light show were 24 Rogue R2 Beam and eight Rogue R1 Wash fixtures, supplied by Lavoie’s company, 4Life Entertainment & Technology. The 230-watt beams were arranged in groups of eight fixtures that were hung in three separate 20' sections that ran down the entire length of the dance floor.

“We rigged the beams to the ceiling to maximise their speed and minimise their visibility,” said Lavoie. “In an industrial warehouse setting, our goal is to keep the rigging and all fixtures as inconspicuous as possible, so they’re not even noticed by the patrons. The compact size of the Rogue Beams, relative to their high output, helped us blend the overhead rig seamlessly into the room. This contributed to the evening’s immersive environment, since it allowed patrons to see the light without noticing where it was coming from.”

Throughout the evening, the Rogue R2 Beams did double duty as quasi theatrical lights, dramatising the elements at various points in the show. “The need to highlight the props, which included the planets and other art objects, was certainly a consideration in our choice of the Rogue R2s,” said Lavoie. “We drew on the R2’s frost feature to highlight some of the pieces of art as they became relevant to the theatrical element of the show. When the frost was used, these beams had almost a hybrid feel.”

Working with the beams were the eight Rogue R1 Wash fixtures, which were positioned 50' from the first truss line and used to create some deeply saturated stage lighting: “The quick movement and zoom of the washes were just what we were looking for on stage,” said Lavoie. “We used them to highlight dancers and the DJs in a wide range of colours that changed to fit the mood.”

Flowing with the various moods of the party was a hallmark of McHugh’s light show. The LD drew on this rig and the evocative scenic elements located throughout the venue to create a light show that unfolded in theatrical fashion.

“Kyle did a masterful job keeping the show fresh with new looks flowing out of existing ones,” said Lavoie. “He started off with minimalistic, yet captivating looks. Then, as the evening went on, he drew on the R2’s flexibility to bring out a more intense strobe and colour fade show that meshed with the dance music. The lighting took people on a journey.”

Rogues Take Revelers On a Journey at BangON NYC PartyRogues Take Revelers On a Journey at BangON NYC Party

30th January 2018

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