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Yamaha Releases Upgraded DXS15mkII and DXS12mkII Powered Subwoofers

Yamaha Releases Upgraded DXS15mkII and DXS12mkII Powered Subwoofers

Yamaha has announced the release of the newest additions to the DXS Series of powered subwoofers, the DXS15mkII and DXS12mkII. These new models offer an upgrade in performance from the previous DXS15 and DXS12, delivering higher maximum SPL from a more powerful amplifier, as well as an extended low frequency response.

The DXS Series was originally developed to complement the acclaimed DSR, DXR, and DBR Series full-range powered speakers and provide a more well-rounded sound, particularly for bass-heavy musical performances or playback applications that put a premium on very powerful, yet well-defined low frequencies.

The new DXS15mkII and DXS12mkII are upgraded models of the current DXS15 and DXS12 subwoofers which feature technologies developed for the DXS18. The DX18 has proved a very popular choice in live venues and clubs, as well as applications such as outdoor music events or parties.

Both models feature an upgraded 1020W Class-D amplifier and a powerful 15” or 12” woofer, now housed in a sturdier bandpass type plywood enclosure. Able to deliver 3dB higher SPL and 5Hz lower LF than their predecessors, the DXS15mkII can deliver an impressive 135dB maximum SPL and an extended LF response down to 40Hz, while the DXS12mkII can produce 134dB SPL, with a frequency response down to 42Hz, both with exceptional clarity and minimal distortion.

Both models feature Yamaha’s proprietary D-XSUB DSP technology for additional control of the low frequency range, via two selectable modes – BOOST and XTENDED LF – as well as a selectable crossover with three different options (80/100/120Hz). For larger applications using two or more subwoofers, the DXSmkII offers a cardioid mode setting, which effectively reduces the SPL of bass reaching the stage, while increasing the bass levels directed at the intended audience.

Developed with extensive road use and transport in mind, the DXS15mkII and DXS12mkII feature advanced protection circuits in the speaker unit, amplifier unit and power supply that ensure optimum reliability and extended component life. The durable plywood enclosure is coated with an extremely tough Polyurea finish, used extensively in disaster protection applications. This gives the speaker’s exterior added protection during transport and performance.

The new models are more compact and weigh less than their predecessors, for even greater portability and versatility, the DXS15mkII weighing 2kg less and the DXS12mkII 3kg less. Both come equipped with M20 and 35mm pole sockets, allowing for more flexible set up options, as well as an optional wheel kit for more efficient portability and set-up.

Yamaha also offers optional speaker covers, with a functional design that provides added protection from unfavourable weather conditions during outdoor performances, warehouse storage and the rigours of road travel.

“Live sound reinforcement can present a broad range of challenges for live sound beginners and professionals alike, so we are always paying strict attention to the needs of our customers and how to improve their live audio experiences,” says Yoshi Tsugawa, general manager of the Yamaha Pro Audio division. “Working with our sister company Nexo, these new additions to the DXS Series add performance, flexibility and reliability, enabling them to exceed the demands of a wider range of environments that require high-quality bass performance and versatility in compact packages.”

26th January 2018

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