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Ambitious Illumination on world’s largest prison museum

Ambitious Illumination on world’s largest prison museum
Ambitious Illumination on world’s largest prison museum

Denmark – In an ambitious lighting project by the Danish architectural company Kollision, the former correctional institution and now cultural institution FÆNGSLET gets a beautiful transformation using SGM fixtures made specifically for permanent outdoor installations.

“We needed POI products that could endure changing environments and provide high quality illumination,” said architect and programmer Andreas Lykke-Olesen about the choice of fixtures from SGM’s POI (Permanent Outdoor Installation) range that are engineered to endure the most extreme weather conditions.

Henning Nørbæk, chairman of FÆNGSLET’s fond states in an interview that he is excited to finally have a fitting illumination installed at the important landmark that serves as a crime and prison museum, conference and business facility, as well as a concert venue and receives hundreds of thousands visitors annually.

“It’s a remarkable thing to finally have light on this important landmark,” said Peter Sørensen, city Mayor.

On a daily basis, SGM’s P-5 POIs and G-1 Beam POIs will be illuminating the largest prison museum in the world in a shade of white to enhance the historical building, while various colours will take over for special events.

“Everything is synchronized to the calendar and sun angles using our MAP-player to match special events. In the future, the employees at FÆNGSLET will be able to control the installation using our pre-programmed designs,” explained Andreas.

While serving as a prison, the light served two purposes; offering the prison guards an overview and preventing prison escape. This is part of the inspiration behind the installation.

“The former prison still has many ties to its original function, so we wanted to create the idea of search lights. The G-1 Beam POI is perfect for this purpose because of its size, functionality, and weather resistant protection,” said Andreas about the creative illumination that focuses on the prison façade, the prison yard, and the sky.

More specifically, the west façade is illuminated by the P-5 POI wash lights to enhance the beautiful brick wall, while the G-1 Beam POIs create various patterns and lighting effects on the wall and in the sky.

“While the G-1 Beam POI was perfect for our needs, the powerful output in the P-5 POI enabled us to reduce the number of fixtures. This way, we were able to create the illumination we wanted, without compromising on the aesthetics of the historical building,” said Andreas.

5th November 2018

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