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ArKaos introduces TrackDJ in the new GrandVJ 2.6

ArKaos introduces TrackDJ in the new GrandVJ 2.6

The first adopter of TrackDJ are Pioneer / ShowKontrol and Mixxx which allows GrandVJ and GrandVJ XT to track the real-time creative work of a DJ as they are playing live.

Other companies in the DJ technology industry such as VirtualDJ have already voiced their commitment to adopting TrackDJ, and more announcements are expected soon.

This is a huge leap forward to DJs working at festivals and in clubs or at parties, offering more control over their own visuals. TrackDJ will use the track and artist name to automatically select the video loop based on visuals loaded in the VJ set.

Track DJ offer you the possibility to :

  • Automatically follow the music the DJ is playing.

  • Be precisely in-sync with the music (lip-sync, subtitles, etc.).

  • Automatically and precisely loop your visuals on the beat of the music.

  • Give DJ immediate control on the visual performance by changing track, BPM and executing loops.

With this new version of GrandVJ XT 2.6, ArKaos wants to give the opportunity to all visuals creators to have better access to video mapping tools.

ArKaos’s core philosophy has always been to ensure that users and fans of the platform have the most flexible and powerful tools to create spectacular shows. Right at their fingertips.

16th November 2018

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