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Clair Brothers Adds its C12-M to Arsenal of Rental Partner Grupo Friends In Spain

Clair Brothers Adds its C12-M to Arsenal of Rental Partner Grupo Friends In Spain

Spain – This year has been nothing short of magical for American loudspeaker innovators, Clair Brothers, in Spain. Fresh on the heels of bringing Spain’s renowned VTècnics on board as a distributor, they’ve added yet another impressive Spanish company as a rental partner – Grupo Friends – a team known for taking care of everything related to producing an event, from assembly of scenes, tents, lighting and sound, to the hiring of artists and even providing dressing rooms. Grupo Friends is also proudly known for consistently differentiating themselves in the marketplace by overcoming challenges to meet ever-evolving customer demands for higher quality sound. Says Francisco Yllana (pictured), general director of Grupo Friends: “Overcoming the challenges of what customers want is an obligation we take seriously. And when it comes to what sound systems we offer, we only work with the best available products in the world. It’s why we’ve chosen to work with Clair Brothers.”

It was this year that Grupo Friends began to consider upgrading its sound system and took to heart what VTècnics, Clair Brothers distributor in the region, had to say on the subject. Yllana continues: “We met up with technicians from VTècnics and they told us about Clair Brothers and their amazing reputation globally. They told us about their stellar products and the powerful, nuanced sound that they produce. Until recently it was nearly impossible to find Clair Brothers in Spain, but it was at this moment, talking to VTècnics, that we began to feel we could achieve the kind of market differentiation we aim for, with an exclusive team of the highest quality.”

In previous years, Grupo Friends had other sound systems from other manufacturers, but it was the visit to the Clair Brothers C12 demo held in Lleida, Spain that made the decision to bet on Clair Brothers simple. Yllana describes the C12-M system this way: "It delivers a powerful, yet intelligible sound, with practical and precise angulation. Add in the Lake control software and superb technical assistance, you can’t go wrong." And when it comes to comparison with other systems at a live event, Yllana has no doubt about his convictions. “Introducing ourselves at an event with Clair Brothers undoubtedly positions us with an advantage.” Now that Grupo Friends has had the opportunity to showcase the C12, technicians and artists alike have noticed a difference; to the point that sound technicians and artist managers have approached Mr. Yllana with an enormous desire to work with Grupo Friends on an exclusive basis.

Since the purchase of the C12 system, Grupo Friends has already expanded its stage monitoring with the Clair Brothers 1AM system. They’ve also added the prestigious kiTCurve system for side fills or, as the case may be, as a perfect mini P.A. for smaller spaces. To complete their Clair Brothers system, Grupo Friends has also purchased the front-fill FF2-H speaker system. Concludes Yllana: “Since the sound of the very first note played through the C12, it was quite clear that there are two types of sound systems in the world, Clair Brothers and the rest. With them as partner, I feel we have more than differentiated ourselves in the marketplace. We’ve taken a substantial lead."

21st November 2018

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