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Living The Dream: An Audient ASP4816 Emigrates to New Zealand

Living The Dream: An Audient ASP4816 Emigrates to New Zealand

New ZealandLondon producer/musician Sam Johnson emigrated last year and set up Rhythm Ace Studio in New Plymouth, bringing his entire studio set-up, including an Audient ASP4816 and over 20 years’ experience in the music business with him. He describes the first few months as “an amazing start.”

Purchased from KMR Audio in London, the compact ASP4816 console from Audient remains an important part of his set-up. “I still feel really strongly that I want to have an analogue desk at the heart of the recording process. It’s like a hearth that musicians naturally gather around. There’s a certain security in having it there; warm, lights on, looking after proceedings!” He continues: “The ASP4816 is like the kitchen table, it’s where we all gather to make and mix and chat and generally get into that mindset of making music.

It helps of course that it also sounds and performs superbly. I’ve got lots of funky preamp options but I love the ones in the ASP4816, they’re clean to a point but you can still get some gorgeous gluey vibe from them,” he says. “The EQs are magic – I’m a big fan of getting the sound right before pressing record – nothing worse than a load of options come mix time and I’ve never regretted dialling in EQ on the way in using the Audient.”

Sam describes his first foray into the business, some 20 years ago. “I was lucky to be able to get my first deal in the fag-ends of the ‘old music business’. Our first advance funded my first ever studio setup and that love affair with recording and producing just grew and grew from there.” He laughs at his naivete back then. “Our first record was mastered at Abbey Road, I thought that was standard!”

Before relocating, he had expected to have to rely on mixing/composing work from the UK, but was staggered to find that he was exactly what the locals had been waiting for. “Building a studio in this day and age is always a slightly crazy thing to do,” he admits. “It turns out that there’s a lot more [of a music scene] than I’d bargained for and they’re all super keen to get recording! We’re packed at the moment, only a couple of slots available until the end of the year.”

Today in his new idyllic setting two minutes from the sea, he has the space to enjoy the features of the Audient desk. “The routing for a desk of this size is fantastic. I’m tracking all kinds of bands and artists here and I never feel compromised by the flow of signal through the ASP4816. It feels chunky, well made, sounds ace and on a daily basis you really appreciate the history of desk design behind it.”

Sam concludes: “[ASP4816] is the perfect size desk for the majority of real life studio recording in this new day and age. It certainly doesn’t feel like a budget option, much more like a full-sized, fully-featured desk from the golden days of recording, just one that doesn’t require six people to lift it and a full-time maintenance engineer!”

Living The Dream: An Audient ASP4816 Emigrates to New ZealandLiving The Dream: An Audient ASP4816 Emigrates to New Zealand

20th November 2018

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