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Movecat Academy Seminar Schedule 2019

Movecat Academy Seminar Schedule 2019

Germany – Once again in 2019, Movecat Academy is offering an extensive range of training courses. Movecat has expanded still further the range of seminars on offer, as it did in 2018, and added more dates to the schedule; it is still highly advisable, however, to book early as the various courses often sell out quickly. It is easy to register online at the Movecat website, where the exact timetables and dates of the various courses are displayed. All the events are staged by Movecat in Nufringen.

The operation of motorised hoists is the subject of this seminar, the first 2019 edition of which will be on the 19th and 20th February. The same course will be offered on five other occasions later in the year: in March, May, September, October and November. The course is aimed at technicians with a good basic knowledge of hoists. The proper and professional handling, as well as the maintenance, of D8 / D8 Plus rigging hoists as well as BGV C1 fixed speed hoists also form part of the programme here.

Expertise in C1 Vario Drive hoists: This seminar is designed to train experts in the use and correct operation of C1 Vario drive hoists. This training course is conceived as a one-day event and will be held at the Movecat Academy on the 9th May and the 7th November 2019. This course deals with the basics of the annual UVV inspection of high-end BGV C1 / SIL 3 variable speed hoists. Prior attendance at the seminar for experts in hoists as well as practical experience are prerequisites for participation here.

I-Motion Operator Super User: The seminar is aimed at event technicians and riggers with basic knowledge. They will acquire extensive basic knowledge of show programming using the Movecat I-Motion System. In addition, participants will be familiarised with things like system configuration and the setting up of hardware at user level, as well as the structure of components, and the relevant legal provisions and technical rules. A special feature of the I-Motion Operator Super User seminars offered by Movecat are that the courses can also be conducted in English, French or Spanish upon request. Movecat has scheduled a total of nine dates for this seminar in 2019, the first being the 12th and 13th February at the Movecat Academy.

I-Motion Operator Administrator: The seminar I-Motion Operator Administrator has been developed by Movecat for technicians and operators already possessed of some basic knowledge. On the 14th May and 24th October, the focus will be upon network planning, show programming and component configuration at user level.

photo: Movecat

22nd November 2018

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