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Popular musicals highlighted by moving heads from SGM Light

Popular musicals highlighted by moving heads from SGM Light

Denmark - Lighting designer Mike Holm has been in charge of many light installations throughout his career but had his first encounter with SGMs G-4 Wash for the successful Danish musical Seebach. After almost a year-long run with over 200,000 tickets sold, Seebach became the best-selling musical in Denmark in 15 years.

“Besides living up to all our performance demands, we chose the G-4 Wash because of its compact size that makes it easy to adapt to various staging designs,” said Mike Holm.

In the past, Mike has used moving-head fixtures that were a lot more difficult to install due to their bigger physical size. With great performance in a compact size, the G-4 Wash turned out to be the perfect luminaire for both the Seebach and Tarzan musicals.

“The G-4 Wash has a Fresnel lens, which avoids having to work with multiple shadows that you get from fixtures that uses multiple light sources. On top of this, the G-4 Wash has great colour rendering with a CRI over 90, providing the perfect conditions to beautifully highlight the actors on stage. Quality light with perfectly matching colours is absolutely necessary for theatrical installations but having all this in an IP65-rated and compact sized fixture, makes our job a lot easier,” explained Mike.

Mike has previously used SGM fixtures from both the P-series and the Q-series, but for the Seebach musical, he and his team decided to try the G-4 Wash. While it was the first time on stage with the talented lighting designer and his team, the G-4 Wash was quickly specified for the next musical Tarzan.

“Honestly, the G-4 Wash wasn’t really a conscious choice for the Seebach musical, but after working with it, we quickly specified it for the Tarzan musical. It is super easy to clean and maintain, and the performance has been stable show after show. During the Seebach musical, we’ve had to replace a few other fixtures, but none of the G-4 Washes have had any issues,” said Mike and continued.

“As we build these fixtures into the stage, with some of them hanging in places that are super hard to get to, this is a huge plus. Great performance, compact size, and a stable fixture; this is not the last time we’ve used the G-4 Wash,” stated Mike, who enjoyed the benefits of having IP65-rated fixtures that kept them protected from both water and dust.

photos: Søren Malmose

Popular musicals highlighted by moving heads from SGM LightPopular musicals highlighted by moving heads from SGM Light

13th November 2018

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