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ABTT Christmas Party 2018: Honours

ABTT Christmas Party 2018: Honours

UK - The Association of British Theatre Technicians awards Fellowships to those who are considered to have rendered signal service to the technical aspects of the art of theatre. At the ABTT Christmas Party at the Gillian Lynne Theatre on Friday 7th December, Will Bowen and David Staples were both appointed as an ABTT Fellow. 

Jack Tilbury, Director of Plann the specialist provider of services to cultural capital building projects, spoke to commend Will Bowen in his appointment as a Fellow. Jack remarked how pleased and honoured he was to introduce Will having sat in countless design and production meetings grappling with an insoluble problem only to offer the lifeline “I know a guy we can call!” Looking back at Will’s CV it is obvious that Jack was not the only person to have done this: amongst Will’s credits are Phantom of the Opera; Aspects of Love; Oliver!; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Wizard Oz and His Dark Materials.

Richard Pilbrow, ABTT Fellow, one of the world’s leading theatre design consultants, a lighting designer and an author, commended David Staples in his appointment as a Fellow. Richard commenced his remarks by commending all those gathered for delivering such overwhelmingly fabulous theatre in the UK. Richard met David when at university he applied for a job which was some 44 years ago. As a teenager, David had read Richard’s books. Theatre Projects, Richard’s company, had landed a job for the Shah of Iran to build 26, three-auditorium arts centres across the country – all at once. Needless to say it never happened but Theatre Projects opened an office in Iran. David went out to manage it.

Honorary Memberships are bestowed upon those who have rendered signal service to the Association itself. Also at the ABTT Christmas Party, Rikki Newman was appointed an Honorary Member.

Ted Moore, Director of Rental Services for TAIT a world leader in delivering live event solutions, commended Rikki Newman to the appreciative company in his appointment as an Honorary Member. Rikki has had a long career in theatre, Ted suggested to know exactly how long would need carbon dating. He started his career in Australia. He served in the Australian Army, he has worked in the Sydney Opera House and he has worked in Australian TV. Rikki has been a very critical “friend” to the introduction of automation in to theatre but he is certainly the Master Carpenter’s Master Carpenter.

The acknowledgement and congratulations to all three recipients could not have been more warmly and genuinely given by the large gathering of ABTT Members, friends and guests at an enjoyable annual event.

In picture: The 2018 ABTT award winners, Will Bowen, David Staples and Ricky Newman are joined by ABTT CEO Robin Townley and chair Louise Jeffreys.

21st December 2018

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