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Microsoft shows support with SGM

Microsoft shows support with SGM

UK – For International Day of Persons with Disabilities, also known as #Purplelightup, installation company CSR Lighting illuminated various of Microsoft’s UK internal offices as well as the exterior of their Reading office. For these eye-catching purple illuminations, CSR Lighting decided to use a bunch of SGM fixtures.

“We have continued to invest and specify SGM products as they work for us in every environment we visit,” said Gary Willn from CSR Lighting.

“To allow the client to get the most from the #Purplelightup, we used SGM’s G-Profile Turbo to frame the client’s logo on the front of the building in the pure white available from the Turbo. We have had G-Profiles in hire since their launch and it made total sense to go with the new Turbo version of the fixture to have the extra light output from the same sized fixture,” said Gary and continued. “The building was lit overnight, so as the staff arrived the next morning, they had the full impact of the installation. As expected from SGM, every fixture ran faultlessly.”

The exterior of the distinctive Microsoft office block was lit with six of the powerful P-10 lights using Elliptical lenses to give a rich punch to the purple colour across the entire building.

“The P-10 gave us a powerful output from a small footprint, without having the area scattered with lighting across the front of the building. This saved the client valuable parking spaces, which worked for us and the client,” explained Gary.

The big weather changes during this installation was no issue to the IP classified fixtures from SGM Light.

“With both heavy rain and bright sunshine with temperatures dropping overnight, I think the fixtures had a really good testing of their IP abilities,” said Gary.

For the inside illuminations, CSR Lighting had to consider the working staff, and decided to use P-1s, P-5s, and Q-2s.

“The P-5 with its strong colours and output, low power draw and compact footprint was used to wash internal walls whilst easily competing with the daylight and office lighting,” explained

Gary, who also enjoyed the benefits of the battery-driven P-1.

“The P-1s were used both internally and externally, which is a major part of the product’s appeal, and allowed pillars and various structures to be lit where there was no available local power, or where cables would have left an unattractive and unsafe cabling issue,” said Gary and mentioned that the P-1s continued to illuminate throughout the entire day.

14th December 2018

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