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Milos Steel Truss wins Gold Star Product Award

Milos Steel Truss wins Gold Star Product Award

USA – The new steel truss line from Milos won a Gold Star Award for “Best New Truss” from the premiere American magazine PLSN. This award is further confirmation that the new steel truss line from Milos is appreciated and valued by both customers and industry professionals alike. Milos is the only truss manufacturer in the world that has a steel truss line as part of its standard offer of truss.

Through the use of bespoke, ultra high strength steels, Milos steel truss can handle 2.5 times more load at just double the weight than similarly sized aluminium truss with the same dimensions and under the same deflection.

Each steel truss section features double fork couplers, orientation-free connectors, integrated forklift pick-up points, and an extremely durable, matt black, impact-resistant industrial paint finish. It’s optimised webbing pattern allows for easy assembly of cross trusses, and its end braces feature 16mm holes for lateral connections. Not to mention optimised dimensions for packaging and/or nesting in trucks.

The steel truss towers are also extremely impressive, reaching heights up to 20+ metres, handling loads up to 40+ tons, and achieving 60+ metre spans (60 metre spans with UDL 140kg/m). The tower’s head section is equipped with wheels for double fall chain hoists, which can lift up to ten tons with a 2.5 ton chain hoist. A multi-directional sleeve block with a mechanical safety lock system that prevents drop and lift is also a unique feature in the tower system.

With the introduction of the new steel truss line from Milos, the largest and most demanding events in live entertainment have met their match!

5th December 2018

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