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Nothing But Thieves Return Home for End of Year Run

Nothing But Thieves Return Home for End of Year Run
Nothing But Thieves Return Home for End of Year Run

UK – Accompanied by an Allen & Heath dLive mixing system, English rockers Nothing But Thieves finally return to the UK, bringing their mammoth year-long world tour to an end.

SSE Audio – one of the largest rental stockists of Allen & Heath products in the UK – supplied the full audio set-up, which includes a dLive S7000 and DM64 MixRack fitted with Dante for multitrack recording and virtual soundcheck on FOH and a dLive S5000 with a DM64 MixRack on monitors.

Gary Curtis, FOH engineer and long-time user of Allen & Heath products, comments: “I first came across dLive at SXSW several years ago and I instantly found it very user-friendly, great sounding and very quick to assign layers, but the flexibility of the system is what really drew me in.” He continues: “Now I’ll use dLive at every opportunity I have – for this tour, I even convinced our monitor engineer (David) to move away from the ‘Dark Side’ and join the dLive team!”

“I was really apprehensive of using dLive at first but as soon as I had spent a few hours familiarising myself with the console, I just fell in love,” explains monitor engineer David Ruffle. “It was so fast, easy and perfect for what I needed to do with the in-ears – in terms of stage times, etc – and it really does do everything I could want or need. Now I don’t want to take anything else out! I’ll stay with it for as long as I can!”

Both engineers also use a range of the dLive’s built-in effects and DEEP processing suite, including the 16T, the Mighty compressor, the PeakLimiter76 and Dyn8. Ruffle comments: “In terms of processing and onboard effects, we use all of it! I’m using at least one of every compressor in the console and having the option to stick them on every channel is great. I use the 16T on my snare and bass groups and the Dyn8’s multi-band compressor and dynamic EQ on vocals, it kills it, it’s just incredible.”

Curtis continues:, “I also use the 16T on snare and bass, as well as the Mighty compressor on my drum crush group, PeakLimiter76 on guitars and again, Dyn8 on vocals. They’re really great!”

The band’s new EP ‘What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way?’ was released mid-October and 2019 will no doubt see them return with even more music, major festival appearances and sold out shows.

5th December 2018

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