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Penn Elcom Rack Products on D-Tools

Penn Elcom Rack Products on D-Tools

A selected range of Penn Elcom’s premium, most popular and innovative 19-inch racking products are now available for choice by engineers, designers and project managers using the market leading D-Tools software architecture, which has been specifically developed for systems integration.

This software is a favourite for companies and individuals working in all areas of the professional AV and IT installation sectors, including entertainment from restaurants and bars, to clubs and live music venues, theme parks to theatres, television and recording studios to data centres, all of which are utilising a diverse range of server enclosures.

These options are available both through the on-premises System Integrator (SI) and the new D-Tools Cloud platforms.

Penn Elcom is a leading global manufacturer of 19-inch racking and flightcase hardware, with extensive stock holdings worldwide and a reputation for innovation and practicality. A large distribution network allows quick delivery and competitive pricing.

They have been instrumental in developing features like pre-tapped rack rails for straightforward fuss-free installation, integrated cable management and adjustable tops and bottoms all making set up simple and flexible, enabling racks that can easily be customised as needed.

Included are the flagship rack enclosure series: R4000 / R5000 which have a fully modular top section that can accommodate any rack panel or 19” device as well as full height cable management bars and removable entry panels in the top and bottom. Tapped M6 or 10/32 rails are moveable both front and rear, as are steel or shatterproof polycarbonate doors. Side panels are secured via quick release slam locks with pre-etched knockouts for optional key locks. Each also comes with special dual castor and foot array, which is swappable for heavier duty models.

Now accessible via D-Tools, Penn Elcom offers the platform’s users more creative options when designing, building and tendering for the installations of AV and data control hubs: anything from a studio to an academic institution, a retail / commercial environment or offices, hospital transport centres and other public service facilities needing robust, quality engineered 19-inch racking products.

“With such a wide range of systems integrators using D-Tools,” stated Penn Elcom’s commercial director and product specialist Rob Platt, “having our products accessible and at their fingertips is invaluable in this highly competitive market.”

He adds that the move was prompted partly by customer demand.

As well as the tough engineering and easy installation, the more complex 19-inch racking enclosure products include silent running and climate-controlled versions to deal with more demanding and specialist installations. It is some of these more sophisticated requirements that are catching people’s eyes on D-Tools.

In addition to the diverse off-the-shelf ranges, Penn Elcom has the capacity to design and produce custom products, all proudly made in the UK, as required in its factories in Washington, Tyne & Wear and Hastings, East Sussex. These are produced with care and commitment to excellence and delivered quickly and efficiently to site.

Penn’s server enclosures are all designed with the future in mind and are manufactured to the highest in-house standards and quality-engineering.

19th December 2018

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