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Ayrton MistralTC and MiniBurst are a wow at world premiere – Prolight + Sound 2018

Ayrton MistralTC and MiniBurst are a wow at world premiere – Prolight + Sound 2018

Germany – The size of the crowds that surrounded the Ayrton booth every hour throughout the four days of Prolight + Sound for this year’s light show were testament to the anticipation generated annually amongst visitors by these masters of LED moving light manufacture, and to the excellence of Stephane Migné’s lighting design and the Ayrton products he used to create one of their most complete light shows to date.

The show incorporated over 300 fixtures and gave each product group a chance to shine. It showed off the qualities and characteristics of the full range of new wash and spot fixtures, some new product releases, plus a few old favourites. Swathes of MagicPanel-FX worked their geometric magic from the back wall, MiniPanel-FX performed in tight aerial clusters, and MagicBlade-FX showed off its capabilities moving between ethereal colour changes to dramatic club-style sweeps. MiniBurst added drama with military precision followed by Merak gyrating to Indian style Bhangra music and Mistral bringing some atmospheric gobo work. Ghibli showed off its versatility and panache to some James Bond music before all were brought together in a finale which revealed all the drama, subtlety, fabulous gobo projection and superb colour renderings that these products are so capable of, moods changing in a heart beat before MiniBurst delivered a final dazzling ending with a lingering sparkly finish.

“We were delighted to hear rapturous applause after every performance,” says Ayrton CEO Chris Ferrante. “We are extremely pleased with the huge international attendance this year. There was nearly a 100% turnout from our distributor network who couldn’t wait to see our new offerings, and the number of customers they brought with them and who came to us out of their own curiosity far outweighed our expectations.”

Michael Althaus, Ayrton’s global sales director agrees: “The new line of wash and spot fixtures has attracted immense interest: the arrival of Mistral-TC as a complement to Merak really sees the range taking shape, and Ghibli has taken customers by storm as they truly start to engage with the unique potential of this multi-purpose, multi-talented fixture.

“The surprise introduction of Bora-TC has just whetted their appetite even further. Visitors were very impressed with the output and quality of the new wash luminaire: it has a 32,000 lumen output, an 800W source, extremely high TM30 reading and, amongst its other features, an integral framing system that gives great framing capabilities over the full surface area. We are as excited by their reactions as they are at the prospect of the new developments Ayrton has to come.”

MistralTC and MiniBurst received their world premieres: the 300W white LED MistralTC spot fixture is the latest, much-anticipated new development in Ayrton’s automated luminaires range, while the MiniBurst graphic strobe is the next luminaire to undergo the miniaturisation treatment of Ayrton’s highly successful Creative Solutions range. MiniPanel-FX and Bora-TC were shown for the first time in mainland Europe.

Mistral-TC is the latest in Ayrton’s new range of fixtures, named both in honour of North African desert winds and some of the hottest performance cars on the planet, which signify a new era in the company’s development as it focuses on a sensational new range of LED spot and wash light fixtures.

Sharing a form factor with its compact sibling, Merak, Mistral-TC is an extremely versatile, feature-rich 300W white LED source spot in an incredibly small package. Designed for applications requiring perfect colour reproduction, Mistral-TC once again pushes the boundaries of technology with an entirely new white LED module, calibrated at 7000K, with CRI greater than 90 and extremely high TM30 readings, making it ideal for applications such as fashion shows or car shows. Mistral-TC delivers an output of over 14,000 lumens, and has an incredible 7° - 53° beam spread with perfect image resolution at all angles.

Mistral-TC’s prolific list of features includes CMY colour mixing, variable CTO and a six-position complementary colour wheel. The effects section includes seven indexable rotating gobos and nine fixed gobos, a continuous graphic animation effects wheel, 15-blade iris, a five-facet indexable rotating prism, and a soft-edge frost filter. Heat is dissipated by Ayrton’s unique liquid cooling system with silent ventilation mode for studio and theatre applications.

Powerful, fast, precise, versatile and intuitive, Mistral-TC offers unrivalled performance in its category with nothing of its size, weight, brightness and number of functions on the market.

MiniBurst follows in the tiny footsteps of MiniPanel-FX by presenting designers with a quarter-sized version of its big brother, MagicBurst, the first strobe fixture to be produced by Ayrton. However, MiniBurst’s small dimensions belie its capabilities as it still dazzles in terms of output, creative possibilities and price point.

Equal in physical size to MiniPanel-FX, MiniBurst’s 285mm x 285mm square face contains 960 mono-chip, daylight-white LED sources grouped into 16 pixels on a 4 x 4 matrix. Its dimensions makes it extremely easy to integrate into lighting rigs of all sizes, yet it is capable of emitting up to 60,000 lumens, with a flicker-free output that is perfect for all TV and video applications as well as live performance.

Exhibiting Ayrton’s famed continuous pan and tilt and extremely accurate positioning, MiniBurst’s graphic capabilities are evident in the individual control of speed, duration and intensity of every single pixel. Each unit also comes with built-in pattern effects with speed and fade controls for fast and easy scenic applications.

With DMX512 control, RDM compatibility, and local or stand-alone control, including master/slave modes, MiniBurst is as versatile and creative as its full-blown counterpart which wowed the industry at its launch at Prolight+Sound 2016 as the industry’s first high-power graphic LED strobe with continuous, unlimited, pan and tilt. Great things come in small parcels and MiniBurst is about to prove it!

Launched at PLASA 2017 MiniPanel™-FX is a diminutive version of the MagicPanel-FX, and the first Ayrton product to receive the miniaturisation process.

This fabulous new addition may be small in dimensions but it is mighty in output, and proffers a zoom spread of 3.6° to 53°. MiniPanel-FX houses four of Ayrton’s unique 65mm square lenses in a neat 2 x 2 configuration to form an extremely powerful beam and wash light with immense creative possibilities. It is equipped with four 30W RGBW multi-chip LED emitters paired with a high-efficiency optical system to deliver up to 2,400 lumens from only 200W power consumption. With characteristic endless double rotation, MiniPanel-FX is the perfect tiny complement to its hugely successful siblings, MagicPanel-FX and MagicBlade-FX, and now fits perfectly alongside MiniBurst.

Making its first appearance at Prolight+Sound 2018, Bora-TC is a radical new 800W LED wash luminaire with an astonishingly high 32,000 lumen output, a 70% optical efficiency, a native high CRI greater than 90 and extremely high TM30 readings.

It offers an 8:1 zoom giving a 8°- 64° beam spread through its 204mm Fresnel front lens. It has a no-compromise feature set which includes CMY colour mixing, variable CTO and two colour wheels, each with seven complementary colours, full field framing system, 0-100% variable linear frost and a 15-blade iris diaphragm and defocusable rotating beam shaping optic. Bora-TC is a fabulous new addition to Ayrton’s automated luminare range.

Launched at PLASA 2017, Ayrton is Ayrton’s first LED Spotlight. Compact, elegant and lightweight, Ghibli delivers an impressive 23,000 lumen output from a 900W source with an incredible 80% efficiency, which makes it powerful enough for large scale arenas. An optional High CRI Mode can be implemented for situations demanding even higher quality light output. The incredibly high quality of its output offers a crisp, clean and uniform beam with no hotspot, and fantastic centre-to-edge uniformity that delivers fat beams across its whole field, meaning Ghibli is at home as much in theatre as on the touring circuit.

Ghibli boasts high output, ultra-efficient optics and an 8:1 zoom from 7° to 56°. Amongst its wealth of features are CMY colour mixing, variable CTO, and a complete effect section including two gobo wheels, a prism, an animation wheel, two frosts, and a rotating framing system that allows a full wipe, all housed in a most compact, competitively-priced, package with a classy, sleek, industrial design.

Ghibli is the smallest and lightest fixture in its class compared with both LED and metal halide products, and gives the best performance to size and weight ratio of any LED hard edge fixture available – and metal halide product – in its class,” confirms Ferrante.

25th April 2018

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