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Cadac marks golden anniversary with CDC five launch at Prolight+Sound

Cadac marks golden anniversary with CDC five launch at Prolight+Sound

Germany – This year Cadac celebrates its 50th anniversary with the launch of the latest model in its groundbreaking CDC digital console series. CDC five – the smallest, most affordable of the touch-screen CDC series – offers a compact mix solution of unparalleled quality and power for small-to-medium sized production companies, freelance mix engineers and fixed installations.

CDC five takes the unrivalled audio performance and operational simplicity of CDC six and CDC seven to a new, all time competitive, price point for a touch-screen Cadac console. This will make CDC five a highly competitive entrant in the general-purpose mixing console market, offering superior audio performance and latency management, and an unrivalled user experience.

With the launch of the CDC five, comes Version 5 CDC Console Software, which features an improved Graphical User Interface with a completely redesigned console control screen. The GUI has evolved for the CDC five, to include a swipe down feature on its sole 23.5” touch screen which brings up the control screen functions normally found on the separate 6.5” control screen on its larger siblings. Version 5 CDC Console Software also boasts a number of new features – including Cue Ripple and Cue Preview – and performance enhancements that will feature across the entire CDC range.

The CDC five features a single 23.5” touch screen and 16 faders, with dual banks of user assignable buttons, providing a total of 40; a unique feature of the CDC five. The rear panel boasts 16 analogue inputs, to compliment the 8 analogue outputs and 8 digital inputs and outputs, as well as the integrated 64 x 64 Waves card. The CDC five also includes dual MegaCOMMS ports, enabling additional MegaCOMMS processing / interfaces to be connected, to form part of an extended audio and mixing console network. The CDC five runs 96k / 24-bit audio and is capable providing up to 48 inputs and 24 assignable busses, plus LCR and monitors in FoH mode, or 30 assignable busses when operating in Monitor Mode. Designed as a ‘one box solution’, the CDC five has one internal PSU with the option of adding a second redundant external supply (the current PSU 4800).

Announcing the launch of the CDC five, Cadac Marketing Manager James Godbehear says: “CDC five is designed to appeal to a much wider customer base – the sub £10,000 console market. With all of the features, performance capabilities and familiar form factor of the CDC six and CDC seven – plus a number of design enhancements – it will appeal to multi-purpose entertainment production and house of worship applications; as well as to the touring, installation and event markets.”

A second new Cadac console, the CDC seven-s, is being launched at Prolight+Sound. The CDC seven-s is Cadac’s new flagship CDC console and replaces both the current CDC seven and the inaugural CDC eight. A significant upgrade to the CDC seven, CDC seven-s offers 128 inputs and 64 busses – of which 56 are assignable (62 in Monitor Mode). The new console also features a number of additional hardware buttons, aimed at speeding up navigation.

Version 5 Console Software also greatly enhances CDC six, not only with all of the additional new features, but also from an increase in its input channel count, bringing that up to 80 input channels, while maintaining the 48 assignable bus count. This will be available as a free download from the Cadac website at the beginning of May.

Cadac is also previewing its new medium format I/O stage box – the first of a complete new series of CDC stage boxes. The CDC I/O 4016 is designed to provide greater flexibility of connectivity and redundancy than the current CDC I/O 3216 model. CDC I/O 4016 comes with both analogue and digital I/Os, and the option of optical connectivity to the console. The 4U unit is configured with 32 analogue inputs and eight analogue outputs plus eight AES3 inputs and eight AES3 outputs. The new unit features an LCD display, which operates in conjunction with three surrounding buttons and encoders, to enable adjustment of incoming levels, mic gain and phantom power settings. An integrated headphone amp allows you monitor the inputs while adjusting gain levels.

The dual MegaCOMMS ports on the front panel, for redundant connection to the console, are complemented by redundant duplex optical LC ports for connection runs of up to 2km, and easier integration into optically based installation networks. The CDC I/O 4016 comes as standard with redundant auto switching internal PSUs.

Further expanding connectivity options within Cadac’s MegaCOMMS audio network, are two new optical bridge units. The 19” rackmount CDC MC Optical-4 provides for four optical ports and four MegaCOMMS pairs, while the CDC MC Optical-1 is an all-new small free-standing unit, equipped with a single optical port and a single pair of MegaCOMMS connectors.

Also being premiered is the new NetCOMMS programmable PC control software for the CDC MC Router. Debuted earlier this year at ISE, NetCOMMS allows the user to create, save and edit custom maps within its clear and simple GUI. Its simple grid based patch system, utilising a ‘tabbed’ system for each unit, allows the user to patch either individually, or in blocks or 4, 8, 16 or 32; or even to patch all connections from unit to unit with a single click.

Previewing at PL+S is the new version of the CDC iPad App. Official scheduled for launch on the 30th April, this new version App is CDC five and V.5 CDC OS compatible. The graphical interface has been improved, as has the speed of operation.

Relating the significance of the launch of CDC five to the company’s 50th anniversary, marketing manager James Godbehear states: “This is our 50th Anniversary and I can’t think of a better way to mark it than with the launch of the CDC five, which gives sound engineers a greater opportunity to access Cadac’s unique user experience and legendary audio performance. The new flagship CDC seven-s means that the unique Cadac experience can extend to far larger applications, and with the CDC MC Router, the Cadac CDC platform can handle highly complex audio production requirements.”

10th April 2018

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