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DARTZ, Paladin, Chorus Line Light Monster Energy Outbreak Tour with DJ Kayzo

DARTZ, Paladin, Chorus Line Light Monster Energy Outbreak Tour with DJ Kayzo
DARTZ, Paladin, Chorus Line Light Monster Energy Outbreak Tour with DJ Kayzo

USA – 2018’s Monster Energy Outbreak Tour is on the road with DJ Kayzo headlining and a full complement of new Elation Professional lighting fixtures hyping the rhythms of one of dance music’s newest and most sought after EDM DJs.

Outbreak tours showcase emerging artists on their breakout tours and are a unique opportunity for young talent to get unprecedented exposure. After DJ Kayzo released his debut album "Overload" on 19th January, he hit the road on the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour, his first national tour, a two-month run from 1st February until 8th April. Production is top notch with an exclusive light show from Pin Point Lighting featuring some of Elation Professional’s newest luminaires – DARTZ 360 LED beam/spot fixtures, Paladin hybrid LED lights and Chorus Line 16 LED pixel bar wash luminaires.

Production specialists Pin Point Lighting of Philadelphia provided the lighting rig and design for the show. “The artist wanted a big looking show with lots of flexibility and the Elation gear gave us that,” says Pin Point Lighting owner and lead designer John Duncan. “The DARTZ filled the need for a small LED source beam, the Paladins as a large static wash light and effect light, and the Chorus Line for a tilting zoomable batten fixture. All of these fixture types we see on riders that come across our desk.”

The narrow-beam DARTZ moving heads are used as the main beam fixture on the show with four units working from each of four 10' truss towers. With a beam spread of only three degrees and beam effects produced from a 50W RGB LED engine, the DARTZ 360 is extremely bright for its wattage and size and delivers an output comparable to larger discharge lamp fixtures. In addition to eleven fixed gobos for surface or mid-air pattern looks, it houses two prisms to multiply the effect and a linear frost for bright washes.

Working in between the DARTZ fixtures and mounted in each of the four 10’ truss towers are Paladin hybrids, unique LED luminaires that can function as a bright blinder, powerful strobe or high-output wash light. Duncan uses them for big audience blinds and strobing and uses the fixture’s zoom to go from a wide wash to a tight beam look. The Paladin houses 24 x 40W RGBW LEDs for full spectrum colour looks, including high-impact white light. With multiple pixel zone control, they can be pixel mapped for easy video design integration or can be used as eye candy. It also includes a manual tilt adjustment for flexible positioning and more accurate projections.

Duncan uses the Chorus Line 16 pixel bars in the show for big lighting sweeps and chases with its 4° to 40° zoom and individual pixel control important features, according to the LD. He has six mounted on the upstage video truss with six on the floor in front of the DJ video wall. The 42-inch long colour-changing pixel bars house sixteen 40W RGBW LEDs for use on large stages and have enough punch to compete with bright LED video screens, like on the Kayzo tour. Perhaps its most remarkable feature is a 220° tilt motor function that lets designers position or move the unit dynamically during a show.

4th April 2018

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