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DiGiCo Opens Up the SD Range with Generic OSC control

DiGiCo Opens Up the SD Range with Generic OSC control
DiGiCo Opens Up the SD Range with Generic OSC control

As part of the latest SD console release, DiGiCo has implemented Generic OSC (Open Source Control) functionality to allow control of third party OSC protocol devices.

Users can define their own OSC messages in the console software and use the console itself to send these messages via the console Ethernet connection to the device they want to control. The connection is bi-directional, so the remote device can also update the console’s generic OSC controls if settings are changed on the device itself.

DiGiCo provides eight user definable rotaries and eight switches that are displayed on all the console’s input channels and send the custom OSC messages when adjusted. These are mapped to the console’s underscreen rotaries and switches for ease of use.

An early adopter of this functionality is d&b audiotechnik’s Soundscape, which is part of a series of landmark integrations between Soundscape’s central DS100 Signal Engine and digital mixing consoles, including the SD Range, which opens bi-directional interoperability between the DS100 via plug ins operating on the OSC protocol. The plug in allows engineers to work with their existing sound console workflows, yet have access to a whole new world of creative potential by bringing the settings for object-based positioning and room emulation directly on to the console surface for each individual channel. The settings can then be stored in the mixer's scene memory.

“Generic OSC can be used by any third party wanting to take advantage of our work surfaces to control their own technology. This opens up a world of possibilities,” says DiGiCo maging director, James Gordon. “We are delighted that d&b has chosen DiGiCo to join the Soundscape family. Integrating with Soundscape to maximise its creativity is something our clients would expect to see from us.”

11th April 2018

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