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ETC Fixture Ratings and Warranties Extended

ETC Fixture Ratings and Warranties Extended

L70 is a common rating system used throughout the LED fixture industry. There is, however, some confusion as to what the standard does and does not define.

For example, it’s clear when an incandescent fixture reaches its end of life, it simply stops working. With LED fixtures it’s not as obvious because LEDs slowly get dimmer over time. The L70 rating was created as a way to measure when the LEDs of a fixture are no longer “useful.” This rating is determined from an outcome of testing to the LM84 standard and gives a representation of the amount of hours it will take for LEDs to depreciate to 70 per cent of their original output.

The LM84 standard is complex and can take thousands of hours to complete. Therefore, ETC has elected to send full LED fixtures to a nationally-recognised, third-party test lab for comprehensive evaluation. This lab tests fixtures in an environment that replicates how the end user will use them.

One of the biggest misconceptions about the L70 rating is that it applies to the entire fixture, when in fact it only applies to the LEDs themselves. The way a fixture is manufactured, including the quality of thermal management systems, heavily dictates the life expectancy of the LEDs. This is why ETC sends the full fixture for testing – users should be confident that the LED rating for their fixture will not be impacted by additional hardware or software components.

ETC is proud to announce that, upon completed testing, several of its fixtures are reaching higher L70 ratings than originally anticipated.

ETC has always put product quality first and the recent L70 ratings reaffirm that commitment. To solidify this dedication to quality they’ve decided to pass the peace of mind along to users through increased warranties.

This warranty applies to the following LED products sold after 1st January 2018.

All full ETC LED fixtures now hold a:

  • 5 year full fixture warranty

  • 10 year LED array warranty

19th April 2018

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