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New Laserworld Diode Series released including a fanless model

New Laserworld Diode Series released including a fanless model

Laserworld has released a new edition of the Laserworld Diode Series with improved beam specifications in a completely redesigned housing. The Diode Series units are available in 1W, 2W and 3W RGB power, as well as 1.8W single green and 1.6W or 5.5W single blue power. The laser systems have graphics capable scanners at 30kpps 8° ILDA, which makes them suitable for a large number of laser show applications. The optics of the laser system has no air circulation, which significantly reduces maintenance efforts for the Diode systems.

The Laserworld DS-1000RGB is designed as fanless system, so it operates without any noise from fans, which makes it a perfectly suitable laser system for installations, in bars or in quiet places.

The Laserworld Diode Series has been designed as versatile low cost solution for beginners and professionals as well. They are particularly suitable for bars, restaurants, nightclubs and smaller festivals.

These full colour RGB white light laser systems are new:

  • Laserworld DS-1000RGB – fanless system, passive cooling

  • Laserworld DS-2000RGB – follows on DS-18000RG. Now with double green power for increased visibility

  • Laserworld DS-3000RGB – follows on DS-3300RG. With improved visibility on longer distances


26th April 2018

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