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Philips Vari-Lite introduces a unique effects fixture, the VL800 BeamLine

Philips Vari-Lite introduces a unique effects fixture, the VL800 BeamLine

The new VL800 BeamLine from Philips Entertainment Lighting is an LED effects luminaire offering unique, dynamic looks which will appeal to lighting designers working in show environments of all kinds. The first LED effects unit from the Philips Vari-Lite brand, it produces a distinctive, collimated, flat sheet of light in a 3.5° beam with advanced movement, colour control and pixel-mapping capabilities.

A linear strip moving light with 12 RGBW LED emitters, the VL800 BeamLine features a newly-developed optical system which provides a bright, collimated and elongated beam of light, adding extra depth and dimension to lighting designs. Adding further to the dynamic effects possibilities is the option for pixel-mapping control across three zones or, in full pixel mode, across each of its 12 LED emitters individually, allowing for the integration of video into a performance.

The VL800 BeamLine provides fast, precisely-repeatable movement with continuous pan and tilt, plus the added dynamics of mega-stepping and twist effect functions on both the pan and tilt channels. Compact and lightweight to meet the demands of today’s show lighting environments, it has been designed from the ground up to maximise performance, reliability and ease of maintenance. At the same time, its highly competitive price point offers rental customers a faster and higher return on investment.

Martin Palmer, product manager for Philips Entertainment Lighting, says: “The VL800 BeamLine is a result of our commitment to meet the need of designers for a truly unique and versatile lighting effects. Its unique optical system produces a flat sheet of light which, matched with its colour, movement and pixel-mapping capabilities, make it a really distinctive yet flexible fixture, able to produce a broad variety of looks. We believe it will really blossom in the hands of lighting designers in all kinds of show lighting environments, from concert touring and corporate event productions to televised light entertainment shows.” 

11th April 2018

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