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Robe Presents “Cirque” at Prolight+Sound 2018

Robe Presents “Cirque” at Prolight+Sound 2018
Robe Presents “Cirque” at Prolight+Sound 2018

Germany – Some big surprises can be expected on Booth D80 in Hall 3.0, as Robe promises to deliver another show-stopping and spectacular stand design, complete with an amazing live show that will stun, amaze and entertain visitors, plus an array of innovative and exciting new products.

Robe’s incredible new MegaPointe all-in-one fixture takes centre stage, bringing the whole concept of multi-purpose moving lights to new levels. Launched in September and enthusiastically received at PLASA, LDI and ISE, Prolight is another major European expo for this fixture which is proving an instant success for Robe.

Other highlights will include Tarrantula, a hugely powerful LED beam, wash and effects luminaire, the latest developments in the RoboSpot range of remote followspotting solutions, two new IP65 rated ParFect products and both RGBA and RGBW versions of the ParFect 150 which are also new.

Once again a totally unique stand design will provide a fabulous backdrop and set to demonstrate the latest products combined with a lively daily programme including the hourly performance, which this year will be a true extravaganza!

Anolis, the architectural lighting division of Robe, will also have a presence and its own area adjacent to the main Robe stand. Anolis will be showing a selection of premium LED products for ‘architainment’ and architectural environments. Renowned for smooth and refined colour mixing and excellent build quality, the new ArcPar 150 Outdoor, Divine 72 and Divine 160 products will be prominent on the booth, while a number of Ambiane fixtures are integrated into the high-impact Robe booth design.

Robe’s official press launch takes place on the stand at 14.00 on Thursday 12th April.

Robe’s international sales and technical support teams will be on hand offering multi-lingual assistance in German and 15 other languages, reflecting the diversity and global flavour of both the company and the Prolight event itself.

As always the Robe Bar will be a hub for networking, doing business and engaging in social interaction, and naturally there will be a Happy Hour for the first three days of the show with famous Czech beers, plenty of hospitality and great vibes!

Robe’s all-new MegaPointe redefines the concept of the all-in-one fixture. With super-bright and sharp parallel beams, excellent gobo projection, precise movement, smooth CMY colour mixing and dimming plus a multitude of beam splitting, wash and shaping effects, the MegaPointe has already been a universal success for Robe since its launch in September. It’s currently one of the most sought-after moving lights in the industry!

Robe’s R&D team worked closely with Osram to provide a 470W lamp that aligns perfectly with the MegaPointe’s cutting edge optical system. The design provides a brilliant, crystal clear, razor-edged beam, adjustable via the zoom from a tight, punchy 1.8 degrees beam to a wide 42 degree wash.

Static and rotating (glass) gobos can be used to produce precision in-air effects or outstanding projected images with a high-contrast flat field. The dynamic effects engine offers 12 varying beam and ‘flower’ effects, and the beam can also be shaped using innovative shutter emulation unleashing a whole new blend of content and creativity.

Robe announces the release of its most powerful LED beam/wash/effects fixture yet – the Tarrantula.

Building on the advanced technology of the popular Spiider, Tarrantula is designed for multiple environments, from concerts to car shows and everything in between, and particularly for large venues and spaces. It is powered by 36 x 30W and one 60W high powered LED chips, providing a jaw-dropping 20,000 lumens of output.

A versatile optical system offers adjustable beam angle from a tight 4° spot to a super-wide 50° wash, all with the highest quality of light.

The LEDWash 800 inspired Beam Shaper accessory creates a traditional oval beam that can be indexed for precision coverage of the stage or performance area.

Central to the Tarrantula’s advantages is Robe’s exclusive Flower Effect, adding yet another eye-catching visual dimension. Driven by the 60W RGBW multi-chip, this creates sharp, speed-controlled spikes of light that can be rotated in either direction.

Intense, fully saturated colours plus a fantastic range of subtle pastel tones with ultra-smooth transitions are possible due to the integrated 18-bit LED dimming system.

Dynamic video-driven effects can be easily achieved by mapping the Tarrantula’s individual pixels via a DMX console or a media server, and utilising the on-board sACN with internal HTP merging via DMX or Kling-Net protocols.

The various RoboSpot system technologies have already proved popular for Robe, and the concept was launched to offer designers and show directors an adaptable range of remote followspotting options.

The RoboSpot System – which includes base station, cameras and motion cameras – allows the remote control of selected moving head luminaires as followspots.

When the RoboSpot MotionCamera is connected to the RoboSpot BaseStation, a number of different fixtures (currently including BMFL Spot, BMFL Blade, BMFL WashBeam, DL7S Profile, DL4S Profile, MegaPointe and Pointe) can be controlled as the remote followspot device.

Another option is using the BMFL FollowSpot – a modified BMFL Spot with an integrated RoboSpot Camera on-board – connected to the RoboSpot BaseStation to create an ideal remote followspot system.

The RoboSpot BaseStation features a 15.6 inch HD screen so the operator can watch the performance onstage from a first person perspective either using the dedicated pan and tilt enabled RoboSpot MotionCamera, or the fixture-mounted RoboSpot Camera to send the pictures.

The operator has full control of the fixture when using the BaseStation via ergonomic handles, with two programmable faders for extra effects, such as dimmer and iris. The operator’s movements are instantly transferred to the luminaire via DMX with no lag for perfect motion tracking across the stage.

Extra controls are available via the BaseStation touch screen display together with four programmable jog wheels and ten additional button settings for a truly customisable experience.

The remote console can still be used to control all the followspots' internal features including intensity and colours.

The RoboSpot Camera is a ready-to-mount device for use with BMFL FollowSpot units.

With BMFL FollowSpot luminaires and the RoboSpot BaseStation, they are an integral element of this powerful and flexible remote follow spotting package.

The high quality camera automatically adjusts for low light, has a wide zoom range and provides an excellent view for the follow-spot operator located at the BaseStation.

The camera’s internal video signal is transferred to the RoboSpot BaseStation via Ethernet in real time with minimal delay.

The RoboSpot MotionCamera is a revolutionary moving head fixture with an integrated HD camera and remotely DMX controlled pan, tilt, zoom and autofocus.

The camera is sensitive to low light conditions – down to 0.3 Lux illumination levels – and the fixture provides a clear first person view for the followspot operator to track the performer across the stage.

Video signals are instantly communicated to the RoboSpot BaseStation via a high-speed Ethernet cat5 cable.

Robe launches two new IP65 rated ParFect products. The iParFect is available with both RGBA and RGBW light sources. Due to passive cooling, the resulting silent operation is perfectly suited for use in theatres and concert halls, and thanks to the IP rating, iParFects are also ideal for outdoor festivals and shows as well as mainstream architectural illumination.

The all-new iParFect 150 FW RGBA has an exceptionally wide zoom range of 3.8° to 60° and silent operation with passive cooling, making it great for theatres, concert halls, television studios and other places where noise can be an issue.

The RGBA LED colour combination provides a high CRI and allows designers to produce the rich, warm amber tones that are often challenging to create with an LED source. Other features include smooth CMY and RGBA colour control, 18-bit dimming and excellent tungsten emulation, with the selectable and variable colour temperatures providing total output control.

The powerful, punchy beam combined with a Fresnel-style edge delivers a smooth, homogenised light output.

Compact and lightweight, the fixture comes with a combined hanging or floor stand bracket and accessories such as gel frames and barndoors which all boost the imaginative options.

The iParFect 150 FW RGBW is IP65 rated and has numerous features including the same exceptionally wide zoom of 3.8° to 60° as the RGBA version, and it is also silent. It is a great choice for outdoor festivals and shows as well as temporary architectural installations. It also fits into television, theatre and concert hall environments.

Other characteristics include CMY and RGBW colour control, 18-bit dimming and tungsten emulation as well as selectable and variable colour temperatures providing full output control.

Expanding Robe’s bestselling standard ParFect range are four new versions of this ultimately useful LED fixture: ParFect 150TM RGBA, ParFect 150TM FW RGBA, ParFect 150 RGBW and ParFect 150 FW RGBW.

These provide both ACL-style and fresnel wash type options in the two LED combination colour variants.

The ParFect 150 RGBW is an affordable LED fixture which produces ACL-style beams, is made in Europe and now has the versatile zoom feature making it a static, zoom-able version of Robe’s incredibly successful LEDBeam 100.

It retains all the main features of that popular unit including both CMY and RGBW colour mixing, 18-bit dimming, authentic tungsten emulation, selectable and variable colour temperatures and a powerful beam that can be zoomed from 3.8° to 60°.

The compact and lightweight moulded composite case comes with a combined hanging bracket and floor stand.

ParFect 150 FW RGBW is a Fresnel wash style version, emitting a nicely diffused beam without any colour fringes – a “ParFect” solution for theatres, TV studios, concert halls and live events!

The ParFect 150 RGBA has a bright, ACL-style beam with zoom control and a high CRI while the ParFect 150 FW RGBA offers a powerful Fresnel soft-edged beam, also with zoom control and the same high CRI.

The RGBA LED format provides an excellent output for both types of fixture and can produce rich, warm golden tones while retaining key features like precise colour control via CMY or RGBA colour mixing, ultra-smooth 18-bit dimming and a powerful 3.8° to 60° zoom.

Both versions are great for use in television, theatres and concert halls.

Also on show will be BMFLTM LightMaster Side and BMFLTM LightMaster Rear are accessories comprising externally mounted programmable followspot handles with a control panel and two individual faders, bringing practical follow spot capabilities to any Robe BMFL fixture.

onePATTTM is the newest member of the growing PATT family of retro-style lighting fixtures, and this very cute product is a potent RGBW multi-chip LED fixture housed in a super slim, lightweight, brushed metal retro-style frame.

VIVATM CMY combines the fixture’s 12,000 lumen light output and the brightness of an exceptionally clear zero-fringing white beam with the continuous colour transitions of CMY mixing in an elegant lightweight LED profile packed with smart, easy-to-use effects.

LEDBeam 150TM and LEDBeam 150TM Fws, the standard LEDBeam 150 features a spectacular 3.8° to 60° zoom range. This incredible little moving light has fast sweeping beams and high quality wash functionality in a robust, compact housing.

The LEDBeam 150 FW offers a Fresnel wash output for even smooth edges and better colour homogenisation. Attractive colourful chases and smooth transitions are powered by a cluster of high-power multi-chip 30W RGBW LEDs.

CycBarTM 15 is a lightweight static 1 metre linear strip utilising 15 equally spaced, super bright RGBW multi-chip LEDs for enhanced colour mixing and linear dimming without any RGB breakup or grey shadows. A fixed, re-definable beam angle offers optional diffusers, and a new split filter system enables three different beam angles per entire CycBar, which generates an asymmetrical light output for use as a premium cyc light.

CycBarTM UV – also IP65 rated – provides superb UV output levels at 365 nm for specialized applications where true UV black light and all-LED illumination is required. With 29 UV LEDs, the CycBar UV is great for theatres, theme parks, attractions, leisure facilities and entertainment events.

From Anolis is Divine 72 RGBW is designed for architectural compositions and can be used for layering facades, picking out details and accenting landscape features with its narrow 6° beam. It has an IK10 rating and is also IP 67, so ideal for tough and demanding outdoor applications.

Divine160 RGBW is a high-performance 440W luminaire with an impressive light output that can be used for many entertainment, architectural and architainment lighting scenarios including the application of dynamic colour changing across building exteriors and façades, or illuminating complete areas with subtle CCT controllable white light.

ArcParTM 150 Outdoor is a versatile new luminaire that enhances the flexibility of the installation process by allowing last minute tweaks and modifications on site. A high quality optical system plus a zoom ratio of 1:12 with an approximate range of 3.8° - 40° means the ArcPar 150 Outdoor is ideal for either flood or spot lighting. The IP65 rating means it is ‘suitable for wet locations’, and it features Anolis‘ signature premium colour mixing which is easily selectable through a virtual colour wheel, with over 60 preset colour options.

Robe Presents “Cirque” at Prolight+Sound 2018Robe Presents “Cirque” at Prolight+Sound 2018

4th April 2018

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