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Tylösand Sound Invests in Magic MegaPointes

Tylösand Sound Invests in Magic MegaPointes

Sweden – Paul Aladin runs rental and production company Tylösand Sound based in Halmstad, Sweden, which has recently invested in some very special magic lanterns, Robe’s new MegaPointe.

The company specialises in the supply of lighting, audio and video design services and equipment for shows, installations and corporate events. They deliver production for a lot of events at the nearby Tylösand Hotel which is located on the beach with a large, busy and vibrant conference and event facility. It is owned by pop superstar Per Gessle of Roxette.

The company has also built up a reputation for working with a collection of inventive digital artists on their installations and shows, bringing a different and more inventive edge to the array of standard lighting projects. It’s clear that Paul really relishes this more off-beat work.

Paul started Tylösand Sound in 1996, and before then, like many in the Swedish entertainment technology industry, he worked hard as a DJ, and through this built up a relationship with Robe’s Swedish distributor Bellalite, which has remained strong and solid. Where possible, he will use Bellalite to source his new lighting technology as and when it comes on-stream.

“I think Robe has always developed smaller and more interesting products,” he commented when asked about how his history with the brand developed.

His first Robe products were purchased back when the brand first launched in the early 2000s with the XT and then quickly followed by the AT series. The investment in the Czech moving light brand has continued until this day, with MegaPointes being the latest, purchase and LEDBeam 150s in the immediate pipeline.

“The MegaPointe is an excellent choice for all of our work; we can use it absolutely everywhere,” he stated.

Most Tylösand Sound events are for between 500 and 1,000 guests or delegates and will typically be a conference event with a plenary presentation followed by a dinner with live entertainment. These are scenarios where MegaPointe is “a universal tool offering a massive amount of choice for a unit weighing just 22kg.”

He previously owned Robe’s original Pointe movers, so he knew the larger and newer development of this ‘hybrid’ philosophy, MegaPointe was a safely reliable choice. He arranged a demo and also rented a couple of MegaPointes to use on a show before making the final commitment.

“It’s like a car, when you find a brand you like and a style that suits, you tend to stick with it,” stated Paul, who also is impressed by advanced technology on that front in the form of Tesla!

He sees Robe as one of “the new market leaders” in the moving light world, with “an excellent choice of different fixtures for all occasions” and true to form, the first batch of MegaPointes are constantly in use, which should be the case for any rental facility.

He is still getting lots of reaction from people seeing MegaPointe properly for the first time, usually they comment on the power, brightness and versatility, especially compared to the tidy size of the fixture!

“It was a great buy. They are perfect for bands and events, and you don’t need many lights as they will play all of the wash, post and beam roles equally well.”

Another recent Robe purchase for Tylösand Sound has been pickelPATTs, and they have been used to light a couple of key cars on display at the local Volvo dealership in Halmstad, including the classic P1800 original ‘James Bond’ two seater.

Tylösand Sound delivers design as well as the technical production and equipment, or works with a client’s existing creative team, and Paul currently has four designers working full time and a pool of freelancers on which he calls during busy periods or for specialist projects.

In picture: Bellalite’s Bjorn Arnason and Tylösand Sound’s Paul Aladin.

photo: Louise Stickland

17th April 2018

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